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Emergence of Basketball Free essay! Download now

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Emergence of Basketball

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Emergence of Basketball essay previewEmergence of Basketball essay previewEmergence of Basketball essay preview


This essay is mostly about basketball and where it came from


Emergence of Basketball

Has basketball played a big role in your life? It has been said in some cases, people actually live there life through a round leather or rubber item. Basketball is more than just a game, especially in the era today. With the endorsements, commercials, and sneaker contracts giving today, Basketball can make a man or women a very wealthy individual. Just look at Michael Jordan a man top thirty on the Forbes list, strictly off the game of basketball. But Basketball for men and women has had it rough moments, Mediocre times, and even, hit extraordinary pinnacles.
Basketball began with just eighteen men in a YMCA Gymnasium in Springfield, Massachusetts. Basketball was created by Dr. James Naismith, under order from Dr. Luther Gulick, the head of physical education at the school for Christian workers. Naismith was given fourteen days to create an indoor game that would provide an “athlete distraction”. Naismith invention didn’t come easily, his first intensions was to bring outdoor games indoor like soccer and lacrosse. The games proved to be too physical and cumbersome. But as his watch ticked, and the powder in his hour glass continued to pour, Naismith recalled a childhood game. A game that required players to use fitness, an accuracy to become successful. After Brainstorming this new idea, Dr. James Naismith developed basketball thirteen rules and the game basketball itself. And like a Professional referee would say at tip off “Lets Play ball”.
The game became an Olympic sports in 1936 in Berlin. After the Olympics, then came the ABA which stood for American basketball association, it was founded in 1967. They used thirty second shot clock’s, a red, white, and blue ball also there wasn’t a three point line. This is when the game of basketball started getting little recognition all over. The Free-wheeling style of the ABA eventually caught on with fans. But the lack of a television contract and protracted financial loss would spell doom for the ABA as an independent circuit. In 1976, its last ...

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