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To what extent can we shape our own identities? Free essay! Download now

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To what extent can we shape our own identities?

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To what extent can we shape our own identities? essay previewTo what extent can we shape our own identities? essay previewTo what extent can we shape our own identities? essay preview


shaping identities and gender within social sciences


To what extent can we shape our own identities?

Identity is shaped by a person’s belief, ideas, views and wanting to be part of a group. Identity can be part of your personality but that is only a small part of it. People identify with many different groups in their lifetime socially and industrially in order to be identified as how they want to be i.e. when dressing for a job interview, what to wear? How do you want to be perceived by your prospective employer? Identities are constantly being recreated and redefined in order to fit in with economic and environmental change i.e. job losses. Criminal identities can be perceived by other as young, male and black (Mooney et al., 2000, pg 8) due to media attention and stereotypical opinions.

Personal and social identities are linked in completing our identities. Personal identity is about how we feel, who we are and social is about the society we live, cultural and economic factors. As you can imagine all of this plays a big part in shaping our identities.

The essay will describe the sorts of processes needed to form identities. It will mention about personal and social forms of identity and how they are interrelated and to summarise with my findings how much control do we have over shaping our identities.

Processes that are involved in the formation of identity are social class – economic and social divisions in society which causes some inequalities, gender – inequality can be found with this i.e. work, pay, ethnicity – again has inequalities, political, industrial and boxed standard identity i.e. passport, birth certificate death certificate, states date of birth, sex etc. With identity there always are inequalities with each category of identification.

(Goffman. E., 1957, pg14-15) states that individuals are all actors performing to others to get their identity recognised. The interaction socially with others he believes forms part of the identity process for all.

Personal and social help form identities as personal is what a person thinks or feels, their own views and social is about nation, ethnicity, class and gender. These are all strong factors for forming identities and for allowing individuals to find the right sort of job. As explained by (Althusser, 1971, pg 19) argues that people are recruited into identity positions they are interpellated. This means that when people look at groups i.e. mother, lad, European they can recognise themselves in as this. For example when you are abroad and you hear someone speaking the same language as you there is a connection between that person and yourself. ...

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