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The Support for Fundraising Free essay! Download now

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The Support for Fundraising

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The Support for Fundraising essay previewThe Support for Fundraising essay previewThe Support for Fundraising essay preview


supporting fundraising


For a fundraising event, the main goal is always to raise enough money to reach the target set. Whether the target is small or large, the event has to have the potential to surpass the expectations cited. Other aspects have to come into play when it comes to specific details such as venue, amounts of people etc. My plan in order to fundraise and efficiently raise money is to organise a football tournament. A football tournament can attract attention of a huge and unlimited target audience which will always up the numbers in terms of money raised.
Firstly, I would take my time to try and plan out the event in terms of how many teams needed, the amount of games there would be and the format of the tournament. In a perfect world, I would ensure there would be 32 teams for the tournament. It would consist of a ‘UEFA Champions League’ format. There would be 8 groups of 4 teams. The groups would be identified as Group A-H. In the group stage, each team will play each other once from their own group. So each and every team would play at least 3 games. From each group there would be the top 2 teams that would qualify to the next round. All the teams would be placed in chronological order depending on how many points they gather from their 3 games. The points system will work like this; for a win, the team will receive 3 points. For a draw, both teams will receive 1 point, and for a loss, the team will receive 0 points. The 2 teams finishing with the most points in the group will go on to the knockout stages respectively. In the event of two teams finishing on the same points, the team with the higher goal difference will finish higher. Goal difference is calculated by how many goals the team scored and how many goals they have conceded. For example, if a team has scored 5 goals and conceded 3 goals, their goal difference would be +2, and if a team has scored 4 goals and conceded 6 goals, then their goal difference would be -2. In addition, in the unlikely event of the teams being tied on both the number of points and the goal difference, then their head to head record would stand and the team with the better record would go through.
In the knockout stages, from the 32 teams that entered the tournament; there will be 16 teams that will remain. The top 2 from each group enter the knockout stages. The knockout stages are straight forward. The 16 teams left ...

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