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The Red Riviera - book overview Free essay! Download now

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The Red Riviera - book overview

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This is a brief overview of the book "The Red Riviera"


Kristen Ghodsee. The Red Riviera: Gender, Tourism, and Postsocialism on the Black Sea. 2005

In the third and four chapters of Kristen Ghodsee's book The Red Riviera called “The Red Riviera” and “To the Wolves: Tourism and Economic Transformation” she studies in a multiply manner interesting relations in the Bulgarian tourism before and after state socialism. She focuses at diverse aspects of the two ‘periods’ such as: gender inequality in the tourist industry and what drives them; the transition from the communism to capitalism and how this transition changed the society, the people and the sector; the changes in historical and cultural aspects after the transition. Through the ethnographical research and interviews she successes to draw interesting conclusions about the Bulgarian tourism with all the problems and challenges before and after the state socialism. Furthermore she pays attention to the postsocialist reality and how the tourist industry was developing over the past decades describing the importance of the new democratic state and the increasing interests of foreign investors.

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