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Social Stats

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This article summarizes social statistics


The topic of this research study is to answer the age, old question: Could money buy happiness? According to the research it cannot. Rather, religion, marital status, and social support is what has others “feeling” happiness. Further research will be completed by lottery winners nationally. Surveys will be conducted with a sample of people, within Canada, and the United States of America. The two countries surveyed will represent the world's population, and reflect the diversity of cultural, economic, and familial realities between them. The importance of this study is it will demonstrate the importance of society’s cultural values, and will devise ways to increase it.

Literature Review:

Jime’nex et all (2010) investigated the topic of money and happiness in their study Income, Motivation, and Satisfaction with life, using the World Value Surveys (WVS). The methodological tool that the WVS employed in their quantitative research was a nation-wide survey. The WVS produced information on individual socio-economic variables, and on attitudes combined with values regarding different life spheres. The data covered information on individuals from 10 developed countries (Australia, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and USA). The sample size included 10,800 observations. Different variables were examined, including, economic, demographic, income, employment, age, gender, civil status, religion, education and health. Income data was accurately documented. The theory underlying this study is that when variables such as gender, age, religion, health, and education are controlled for different motivations significantly affect individual wellbeing. Furthermore, the results suggest that motivation, not money leads individuals to enjoy greater satisfaction with life. The findings are that a significant relationship between income and life satisfaction even when those variables are controlled for, with increasing satisfaction with life as one moves from the lowest to the highest income group.

The topic of could money buy happiness, was researched by Madhu S. Mohanty, in his study called, Effects of positive attitude on happiness and wag. Mohanty (2009) investigated this topic by quantitative analysis by using a cross-sectional analysis from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (1979), a longitudinal data set from the United States. The workers were aged between fifteen, and twenty two, whom were either students who were either in school, or working part-time. The wage estimates in this study were obtained from a cross-sectional sample only. For the happiness equation, 1980 sample was used along with the 1987 sample to generate a two-period panel necessary for its random effect estimation. The theory underling the study is that a worker’s positive attitude affects his/her wage not only directly, but also indirectly through its effects on happiness. These findings suggest raising a worker’ earnings potentials will show an improvement of their attitudes. These workers are also happier, and ...

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