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social policy

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social policy essay previewsocial policy essay previewsocial policy essay preview


its about social policy in ireland


Social Policy /Drug Policy

In this essay I will attempt to emphasise the relationship and the importance between community development and social policy and drug policy in relation to disadvantage, poverty, poor housing conditions, lack of amenities, and unemployment in Ireland. I will outline through research how these social conditions had a huge part to play in the heroin epidemic in the early eighties. It can not be underestimated the devastating impact that heroin had in the greater Dublin area between the years 1980 to 1985. The 1990s represent another phase in the on-going story of drugs in Ireland. During the 1990s attempts were made to move on from the early restrictive responses to drug misuse arrived in 1991, it was clear that all evidence here points to a concentration of the problem in specific areas of Dublin with poor housing and high levels of unemployment (Department of Health, 1991:8). The social marginalisation of sectors of society, of communities and neighbourhoods was acknowledged but unchallenged by the government. When people in communities were noticing what was happening and felt that no one cared or was listening the communities formed a group called Concerned Parents Against Drugs (community activists) who were seen to be providing local communities with protection from drug dealers and anti social behaviour. This proved to be controversial as it was seen that certain community members were taking the law into their own hands. There was further controversy as some members of the concerned parents against drugs were accused of vigilantism and also belonging to criminal organisations. The first discussion of drug problems in an official Irish policy document is almost certainly that which is contained in the 1966 Report of the Commission of Inquiry on Mental Illness. It is understandable that a mental health report of this era should touch upon the subject of drug problems; the commission carried out its work during the 1960s, a decade which more than any other is associated in the popular mind with drug use as part of a burgeoning youth culture. The overall conclusion of the commission, however, was that Ireland had as yet avoided such problems, although a cautionary note was sounded: ‘the Commission considers that drug addiction could reach serious proportions in this country unless a constant effort is maintained to prevent ...

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