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Social Networking - Communication Free essay! Download now

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Social Networking - Communication

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Social Networking - Communication essay previewSocial Networking - Communication essay previewSocial Networking - Communication essay preview


Discuss the effects of social networking in workplace


Human society cannot exist and develop without communication. People communicate with each other to satisfy the needs of love and being loved (Maslow 1987), which has been developing throughout human history in many ways such as sound, symbols, and words etc. Nowadays, thanks to information technology, emails, chat groups, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, etc are the major and most popular social media which are used widely and have deep effects on the way people communicate and perform their business. This essay explores not only the background and development of social networking, but also discusses its advantages and disadvantages in workplace context. Then, some suggestions are provided at the conclusion with a hope that organisations might find them useful and effective.
Social network theory appeared originally in the early 1930s and has been developed by many researchers to meet the requirements of human needs for their well-being and how to communicate effectively in human society (Coyle & Vaughn 2008; Wasserman & Faust 1994). With the evolution of information technology and internet, social networking applications have been developing rapidly and using widely around the world by millions of people to enhance and satisfy their personal communication needs. As of January 2009 “the online social networking application Facebook registered more than 175 million active users” and “according to Forrester Research, 75% of Internet suffers used ‘Social Media’ in the second quarter of 2008” (Kaplan & Haenlein 2010). At the same time, realizing the power of these applications, a large number of organisations have used them as a one of the golden keys to gain more successes communication, management, collaboration and operation in workplace (Eunson 2008; Kelleher 2009).
In the information era, the speed of receiving and processing information accurately and clearly is one of the key factors that determine the business’ success. Therefore, social media brings with it great benefits by quickly, efficiently and directly exchange as well as process information. Currently, using email, creating video conference, chat groups, etc help companies to set up meetings with other members all over the world at any time to inform new strategies, new changes, or to discuss urgent issues. Additionally, the flow of information or official announcements or commands are broadcasted extremely fast to all members in workplace within a few seconds, which helps information to be updated easily, directly and consistently to each member, avoiding confusion and misunderstanding in the workplace (Galpin 1995); which also increases the collaboration of all members in the organisations (Thomas et al. 2006). Therefore, dramatically increase the business’s success.
Another advantage of social media is increasing team performance. Millions of people have at least one email account or are members of at least one social network. They tend to communicate, share ...

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