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Snake and Ladder Game Free essay! Download now

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Snake and Ladder Game

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Snake and Ladder Game essay previewSnake and Ladder Game essay previewSnake and Ladder Game essay preview


about the game,how it give benefits to emotional, social and physical


Benefits of Snake and Ladder Game

‘Satu Murid Satu Sukan’ is a transformation programme which has been held by Ministry of Education in Malaysia. This programme is focus on to bring the glory of sport in school. By involving in the sport, it would help to encourage the students to have a healthy compete among each other and new born spirit between students itself.
Based on the game we have chosen which is Snake and Ladder, we can see that this game can be innovating in leaning and learner process at the school. Thus, this game has their own benefits from emotional, physical, intellect and social aspects. These aspects have their own benefits which can help students in their learning in school and also in their life.
After we had done some searching and observation through this Snake and Ladder game, we could see that this game has given very important benefits in emotional aspect. This is because, when playing this game students need to deal with their emotion as this game has the winner and loser. Those who reach the last pace first, they are the winner. So, when the student is the winner, they need to control his emotion so that they are not too exaggerating with their winning because with to do so, students who not become the winner will not become sad and give up.
From emotional aspect too, students can learn to control their patience through this Snake and Ladder game. As we all know this game got snake and ladder on the board. The ladders help the player to move on far while the snakes make player to turn back and sometimes this might make players or students to become frustrating and mad. Because of that, this game helps students to control their patience especially learns to cool down and not easily to get mad. On top of that, the students can apply what they have learnt from this game into their life. We all know that, as human who live in this earth, we need to face a lot of obstacles and challenges in our lives. To move on and face these, we need to be patience and always calm down so that we can have a happy life.
Besides that, this Snake and Ladder game also has its own benefit from social aspect. As we know, this game at least should have two players to play this kind of game. Thus, this will help the students to develop spirit of friendship among them. When there is something happen to them, they have someone to count on with. They also have someone to listen to their problems.
From the social aspect too, it can help students to ...

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