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Smoking in Public Free essay! Download now

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Smoking in Public

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Smoking in Public essay previewSmoking in Public essay previewSmoking in Public essay preview


The controversies in today's society of smoking in public places


There are many controversial topics on the minds of Americans today. One of the most controversial is smoking in public restaurants and bars. Many people believe it is okay to smoke in these places since they are places for relaxation and enjoyment. I personally believe that smoking should be banned from all public places. Many things can happen when smokers smoke in public places, for example, causing certain diseases in non-smokers, causing air pollution, and causing severe harm to the smokers themselves. Smoking has become popular among many adults and young adults. Some people, though, have not fallen victim to the deadly addiction of tobacco. Smoking is a choice people choose or don’t choose to do. Since it is not necessary for people to smoke, it should not be allowed in public places, especially indoor areas such as restaurants. No "butts" about it, smoking is a rude, disgusting habit and should be banned in public places everywhere because of the health risks it poses to people who are exposed to secondhand smoke.
Cigarette smoking in public places has been an issue in our society for a long time now. As early as in 1972, the scientific community has begun gathering evidence about the adverse health effects of secondhand smoke.( National Cancer Policy Board) As said by the National Research Council, ‘”Indoor exposure to tobacco smoke has adverse effects. Involuntary exposure to tobacco smoke ought to be minimized or avoided where possible.” Smoke from a cigarette does not only affect the smoker but everybody else around them. Cigarettes burn at temperatures as high as 1,616 degrees Fahrenheit. At such a high temperature many poisonous gases are released from the cigarette. Some of those gases include carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, and nitrogen dioxide, which can all be deadly.(Kleinman, Lowell)
Imagine the air that you and your children breathe is being polluted with hundreds of chemicals and toxic substances, but if you smoke you don’t have to imagine. With each cigarette you smoke you are polluting your lungs and the air around you with over four thousand chemical compounds and over four hundred toxic substances. These include ammonia, which is found in household cleaners, cyanide, which is an extremely poisonous substance and butane, which is used to fuel cigarette lighters. Cigarettes contain three main substances with damage our health. Tar, which causes lung cancer, Carbon Monoxide, which binds to hemoglobin and reduces its oxygen carrying capacity, and Nicotine, which is highly addictive and is comparable to heroine and cocaine. All of these chemicals are cancer causing, and also can kill an infant.(Kleinman, Lowell) Many things can happen when smokers smoke in public places, for example, causing certain diseases in non-smokers, causing air pollution, and ...

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