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Should children be allowed to use the internet? Free essay! Download now

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Should children be allowed to use the internet?

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Should children be allowed to use the internet? essay previewShould children be allowed to use the internet? essay previewShould children be allowed to use the internet? essay preview


Children and the internet


Should the children be allowed to use the Internet?
1.0 Introduction
Internet is a technology network that can connect globally and it is common for people today. In the recent years, the Internet use among children has rapidly increasing (Johnson, 2010). In a recent study by Johnson (2010) showed that the Internet use among American children between 2000 and 2002 is increasing form 27% to 60%, 20% of Canadian children have their own computer to access the Internet. The number of children using Internet and the amount of time they spend online are increasing. Many researches have been done on the impact of the Internet among the children. Boshier and Huang (2010) stated that ‘the Internet is a vital component of family life and learning society’. The purpose of this paper is to discuss about the children should be allowed to use the Internet and the benefits of Internet among the children.

2.0 Benefits of Internet for children
The Internet is a good learning tool for children. There are three benefits for children using Internet which are develop children cognitive development process, act as a communication tool and provides various technology-based resources.

2.1 Develop a child cognitive development processes
The first benefit of Internet to children is Internet develop a child cognitive development process. Johnson (2009) stated that child cognitive development processes can be influences by the Internet today. There are four measures in the children’s cognitive development which are expressive language, metacognition, visual perception and auditory memory. The Internet is a text-based medium. Johnson (2010) said that ‘the more a child uses the Internet, the more he or she reads’. Children need to read those instruction, rules and regulation, and so on when using the Internet. Children who used more the Internet had a higher level on the reading achievement than children who less used the Internet. Additionally, the Internet can benefit children in increase their Internet skills instruction for example sending e-mail and accessing websites to search information. Those Internet skills instruction may assist them when they are schooling or in the society. The Internet skills instruction also can enhance children expressive language which involves in the children cognitive development processes (Johnson, 2009). Those online communications tools such as e-mail and messenger require ability of expressive and receptive written language. Besides text-based medium, the Internet is also rich of graphic display. According to Johnson (2010), certain Internet activities especially online gaming can strengthen children’s visual perception and their memory. Children not only need to read instruction while online activities or gaming, but also need to monitor several visual images and recognize icons. Furthermore, online games and activities may assist children in the development of their critical-thinking skills ...

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