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Prison Term Policy on Armed Robbery Free essay! Download now

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Prison Term Policy on Armed Robbery

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Prison Term Policy on Armed Robbery essay previewPrison Term Policy on Armed Robbery essay previewPrison Term Policy on Armed Robbery essay preview




Running Head: Prison Term Policy

Prison Term Policy

As a Criminologist Advisor to the member of State Legislature, I have been asked to provide a prison term policy on armed robbery. The legislature will soon be voting on a bill that would double the maximum prison term for anyone convicted of armed robbery. First of all I would like to define the legal definition of armed robbery which is given by Farlex Inc., armed robbery is a form of robbery in which the property or money is taken from a person by threatening or use of force while armed with a dangerous weapon. (Farlex Inc., 2009).
Armed robbery as defined by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in its Uniform Crime Report is taking or attempting to take the possessions which are of value for a person by using any weapon and make a victim fearful. Robbery is not just referred as a property crime but it’s a crime against the person also which can result in personal violence. The loss is more acute when a weapon is involved in the robbery, and for the victim it can cause both long and short term crisis reaction. During a robbery personal safety and property both are placed at substantial risk. The circumstances may vary under which a person is robbed, it can occur on street, prisoner may enter the victim’s home, in a parking or highways. One robbery occurs every 54 seconds, according to Federal Bureau of Investigation. 15% of the robberies are financial costs. There are nonmonetary losses also involved in a robbery which are pan, suffering, and the risk of death, psychological damage and reduced quality of life. Additional cost incurs as a responses to such violence like law enforcement, criminal justice and private security agencies. In such robberies the property loss is mostly not recovered. The people who have undergone a robbery are much concerned about its repetition. (Gibson, M., 1990)
Armed robbery is referred as both a property crime and a crime of violence. Long-term effects on victims of the threat or actual violence are associated with armed robbery. Individuals and property both are affected by armed robbery and it leaves a lasting psychological trauma with the victims. In order to reduce the incidence of armed robbery a research was conducted by Maria Borzycki, according to the data collected there are multiple count of weapons used in armed robberies , knives are considered as the most commonly used weapon, it constituting around half of all weapons which were used as a tool for armed robbery in Australia in 2004. Firearms accounts for 15% of the weapons. Other includes handguns etc. it has ...

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