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marketing research on malaysia


Nestlé is the largest food and nutrition company in the world. it was originated in Switzerland. Nestlé Company had started off from a single man's idea, and developed into a giant corporation. In 1866 Henri Nestlé, a pharmacist, developed a milk food formula for infants who were unable to tolerate their mother milk ( His product became a success, and it created a demand throughout Europe. As Nestlé’s popularity grew more businesses wanted to merge and become partners with Henri Nestlé's business and in 1905 through a  merger of Anglo-Swiss Milk Company, established in 1867 by brothers George Page and Charles Page, and Farine Lactée Henri Nestlé, founded in 1866 by Henri nestlé. Today, the company operates in 86 countries around the world and employs nearly 283,000 people. (Nestlé LC1, 2005)
 In Nestlé’s business strategy they encourage product growth through innovation and renovation. This strategy has allowed Nestlé to develop many different products in the various fields: baby foods, dairy products, breakfast cereals, ice creams, chocolates and confectionery, prepared foods, beverages, food services, bottled water, and pet care. (Nestlé LC1, 2005). Nestlé's aim is to meet the various needs of the consumer every day by marketing and selling food of a consistently high quality. (Marketing mix strategies for Nestle, 2009)


Political Factors

Political factors refer to the degree of intervention of government in the economy. There are certain formal and informal rules laid down by the government which every organization has to abide by in order to sustain its operations in a particular country. the  government of Malaysia has never imposed any political pressure in fact they have always supported foreign investment and foreign businesses to grow in Malaysia. As the company is into food and nutrition business they have to just adhere to the laws of food and nutrition policies of government and constantly provide good quality which is the vision and mission of the company thus Nestle never faces any problems on political front.


Global food producer, located in over 100 countries. Consistently one of the world's largest producers of food products, with sales in the USA in 2008 of $10 billion; sales and earnings in 2008 were better than expected, even in a downturned economy. Global sales in 2008 topped $101 billion. Repeatedly ranked as the world's largest bottled water company and have set up facilities to operate water resources in a responsible manner.
In 2008, Nestlé was named one of "America's Most Admired Food Companies" in Fortune magazine for the twelfth consecutive year.
Nestlé has over 300 brand divisions worldwide
Nestlé provides quality brands and products and line extensions that are well-known, top-selling brands including:
Products like: Lean Cuisine, nestum oats, Yoplait, Maggi, Dryer's/Edy's, Haagen-Dazs, Stouffer's, Boost, Dibs, power bar and Hot Pockets.
Chocolate and Candy: Kit ...

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