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Globalization and social movement Free essay! Download now

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Globalization and social movement

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Globalization and social movement essay previewGlobalization and social movement essay previewGlobalization and social movement essay preview


response paper of book by valentine moghdam



In Globalization and Social Movements: Islamist, Feminism and Global Justice Movement, Valentine Moghadam asserts a strong relationship between Social Movements and Globalization and their transnational nature which she tries to vividly explain by specifically focusing on three social movements: the Islamist movement, the global feminist movement and the global justice movement (Valentine, 2009). Valentines analysis raises questions such as, Why these three social movements? Are social movements in any way connected to globalization?
The three social movements that Moghadam has greatly focused on are all transnational in nature which emphasizes a fact that she tries to explain all that concerns globalization and social movements. Moghadam asserts that the emergence of global governance institutions influenced social movements giving rise to transnational social movements thus rendering nation-state as a unit of social movement analysis invalid (Valentine, 2009). She chooses these three movements not only because they each make up a transnational social movement, but because they also connect people with common interests across many countries, bringing together many followers, activists and supporters to engage in political struggles with governments or those in power. These movements although differ in the type of grievances they address which normally depends on their positioning in the world-system, they are all affected by emotions be it joy, humiliation, solidarity, anger or frustrations (Valentine, 2009). Moghadam’s choice of movements also depicts the lack of cohesiveness within the transnational society. The Islamist, feminist, and global justice movements differ in mobilizing factors. Islamist movement tends to be more of a reactionary, misogynistic and in some cases violent and sexist movement whereas the feminist movement is more concerned with women human rights, legal rights, health and reproductive rights and tries to feminize employment and poverty. On the other hand, global justice is mainly concerned with the idea of “possibility of another world” and comprises of various groups such as human rights, religious groups, environmentalists, indigenous people advocates, labor unions, women’s rights, anti-war groups etc.
Using the three movements, Moghadam has achieved in depicting a connection/relationship between globalization and social movements. From her analysis of the three social movements’ history, structure and composition it is possible to make conclusions that globalization has helped realize the emergence of social movements that are democratic or anti-democratic, violent or non-violent, progressive or reactionary (Valentine, 2009). All these three transnational social movements kinds of grievances tend to focus more on gender based issues either for or against feminism which in my opinion seems strange thus raising another fundamental question; What is the role of globalization in regard to gender issues? From her discussion on the feminist movement, Moghadam pays much attention to how global institutions are inclined towards gender. In this theory, the ...

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