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Family changes in Europe from 1960 Free essay! Download now

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Family changes in Europe from 1960

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Family changes in Europe from 1960 essay previewFamily changes in Europe from 1960 essay previewFamily changes in Europe from 1960 essay preview


Various questions


Question 1.
Family changes in Europe from 1960 onwards focus on couple relationship.
Europe family changes are changing over the time from 1960 onwards. From male as bread winners and women as house wives and guardian. family economies has led to increase labor participation of married women, changes in pattern of divorce ,cohabitation, same sex marriage ,remarriage all influencing the falling fertility rates of Europe of below replacement levels of 1.5. There is now an increase in Marital breaks since 1960.
Changes in Family and couple relationships could also be termed as the era of the second demographic transition with a consequence of continuous lowering of general total fertilities of western Europe and all of Europe in general. In the first demographic transition, there was the fall in mortality and fertility witnessed in western Europe. In the 1960 s Western Europes fertility in wedlock occurred with a reduction in celibacy and the lowering of ages at first marriage..
Before there was a trend of early marriage for women because as a result of arrangement between families , this started decreasing from the 1960 and the pattern changed to delayed marriage as a result of individual partner choice and the involvement of women in the labor market as an economic factor. This increasing age in marriage had led to the decrease on the total fertility of western Europe of below 1.5
The second demographic transition led to an increase in the multitude of living arrangements ,Marriage declined in western Europe and cohabitation took the pace as it started increasing.
In the early 1960,divorce rates were rising in the Unites States and the Scandinavian and it was justified on the believe that “Good divorce is better than a bad marriage,” This led to an increasing fall in the total fertility trends till present.
Ages at first marriage and the proportion of single ...

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