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Crime Rate Nowadays Free essay! Download now

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Crime Rate Nowadays

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Crime Rate Nowadays essay previewCrime Rate Nowadays essay previewCrime Rate Nowadays essay preview


about crime rate nowadays


Have anybody realized how bad the crime rates have become nowadays? Every time we open the newspaper, there will always be headlines and articles reporting of the latest death(s) caused from snatch thieves and robberies activities. What’s giving us the shivers in our bones is that most of the crime rates are happening in the day time when most residents are either out for work and/or studying. In any country, crime is much a nuisance. Besides endangering public security and peace, crimes also caused millions from the government’s treasury to fund investigations, trials and maintaining prisons. Speaking about crime rate, the numbers are getting bigger and bigger. With rapid increment in population, more and more criminals are born. Crime has been on the increase in world. This can be verified by the rise in the index crime statistics that conducted by the government.

Crimes are divided into two categories which are violent crime and property crime. Violent crime which generally includes crimes of violence that is sufficiently regular and significant in occurrence. For example, murder, attempted murder, gang robbery, rape and lastly voluntarily causing hurt. Where as property crime includes those offences involving the loss of property during which there is no use of violence by the perpetrators. There are housebreaking, theft of vehicles, and other forms of theft. Commercial crime increased from 171,604 to 198,622 cases. Commercial crime was 10% of all cases last year, while property crime took up almost 70%. Motorcycle and lorry thefts were the most common property crimes committed, and half of such culprits were the unemployed and drug addicts. The crime index have included ten more categories of crime, including outraging modesty, causing hurt and criminal intimidation, rioting, cheating, extortion, criminal breach of trust, computer crime, and trafficking in and possession of dangerous drugs.

A belief that all key municipal entities must play a role in cutting crime and violence. Schools, businesses, municipal government and social services must all work together. They need to stand up to this challenge and make their cities, towns and villages safe and livable for everyone. In this context, continuous efforts must be made to reduce crime, lessen the fear of crime and create safer cities and towns where economic enterprises and community alike can flourish. Social ills are the symptom of an unhappy society. Many factors have been blamed for causing social ills, including the lack of parental supervision, lack of moral education and urbanization. The time has come for us as a nation to improve the quality of life and address the negative trends head-on before the situation deteriorates.

Parental neglect is perhaps the most significant cause of this problem.To combat crime; we must start with the family. So, parents ...

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