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What type of a Leader am I? Free essay! Download now

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What type of a Leader am I?

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Leadership application for an individual


a) Describe your leadership potential.
In order to identify my leadership potential we need to define itself, though it is hard to do so, but recognize easily. The general term of leadership referred to the process, through which one member of a group influences other group members towards attainment of shared group goals.
After definition we need to define the dimensions that leaders behavior classified. First of them is initiating structure/ result orientation. This referred to getting the job done, they engage in actions such as organizing works, urging workers to follow the rules, setting goals and making leader and subordinate explicit. The second dimension is known as consideration (persons orientation) Leaders high on this focus establish good relationships with their subordinates and on being liked by them, watching out for their welfare.
Well after all become clear I need to watch out what my focuses on and what I am looking from a leading people. Thankfully I have job experience and can define my leadership potential while I lead.
Looking from a structure dimension I can say that I am high on this, because results and getting job done one of the main scope of activity. Discipline is very important, corporate culture and relations are very important in the achieving primary goals. For example I need that rules of the game/performance stated clearly and should be obeyed by everyone. This will in long term improve productivity and increase plan-completement.
Watching at the consideration dimension, truly would state on this dimension I use mix approach. I do recognize the importance of some positions, such as accountant, manager and would highly consider them, while the workers I will sometimes use low-considerating approach.
I think that being a leader is given from birth, as I support a theory of more evolution and genes-dependence on the character and personality of the individual. My father, grandfather and etc. always considerate as leaders in their groups, that they joined, so this through genes come to me.
As an evidence supporting it I can say that I use more intellectual stimulation, doing a cutting-edge progress through innovation and creative assumptions, as well as using individualized consideration, as I reward and provide good benefits for achievers and act by a member. Analyzing this I can adopt theory Y manager of Douglas McGregor. I think that people active, so all I need to do it's just push them towards goal attainment. Also trying to delegate power and use power enrichment, not enlargement, so that people would accept challenges of the work and do their best. However considering Y I also know that there are different types of workers and theory X needed, even with low-paid positions. They ...

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