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Personality essay previewPersonality essay preview


Personality Change


Personality Theory Project

I took the similar minds quiz, this theory is based on the Big Five factors which is called the Five

Factor Model (FFM) which are five dimensions of personality that are used to describe human

personality. The Big Five model is a comprehensive, empirical, data-driven research finding.

Identifying the traits and structure of human personality has been one of the most fundamental goals in

all of psychology. The five broad factors were discovered and defined by several independent sets of

researchers. These researchers began by studying known personality traits and then factor-analyzing

hundreds of measures of these traits (in self-report and questionnaire data, peer ratings, and objective

measures from experimental settings) in order to find the underlying factors of personality.


I scored the highest in orderliness which suggests that I am overly organized, neat, structured and

restrained lacking flexibility, variety, spontaneity and fun. My lowest score was in inquisitiveness

which suggests that I am, at times, small minded, traditional and conventional at the expense of

intellectual curiosity, possibility and progress. My scores in extroversion, emotional stability and

accommodation were mid range.

I think my higher score in orderliness are not a result a one specific experience in my life but a result of

classical conditioning or cognitive-social learning. My mother was and still is very orderly this

includes keeping a very neat home, preparing and following schedules, planning every detail ahead of

time, very hard working and methodical. I have found myself even from a very young age being very

orderly. In adulthood, after the birth of my children, I found the need to have everything in order

increased. Things that I could control such as schedules, cleanliness, having everything in a specific

place, as my mother did, became very important to me. Although I still have the need to have order in

my life, I realize that I can't let it overcome my life. Spending time with my family and enjoying them

is more important than cleaning.

When I was very young my father left and I had very little contact with him growing up. This feeling

of rejection may have led to my low scores in extroversion. Perhaps the fear of rejection may have led

me to become somewhat reclusive, quiet and private. As a child not understanding why he left

sometimes made me think it was something that I did or said wrong so I felt that I should keep quiet for

fear of saying something wrong and having others close leave as well. It took many years, even into

early adulthood to realize that my reclusive behavior pushed people away by not letting ...

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