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Erikson’s Psychological Stages Free essay! Download now

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Erikson’s Psychological Stages

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Erikson’s Psychological Stages essay previewErikson’s Psychological Stages essay previewErikson’s Psychological Stages essay preview


This is the pschylogical stages from Eriksons point of view in a essay.


Erikson’s Psychological Stages
Every now and then I will come across a photo of myself from the early years in my childhood and think to myself what was going on, what was I doing, and sometimes even is that me? I will then proceed to ask my parents or even my older siblings these questions and they always seem to fulfill my questions. I am not alone with not remembering the early years of my life but i find it quite interesting when hearing stories about myself that i am not conscious of. I was a loved, happy, and responsible child however, i was quite shy. My mother and father enrolled me in many activities from the age of 2 in which i would have to interact with other children my age and adults such as gymnastics, swimming, soccer, baseball, and preschool. From what they have told me the moment they dropped me off I would sob and sob the moment my parents left my sight. While I was there i enjoyed myself in these activities but it took a long process. I remember when I was five and my mom dropped me off at swimming lessons I was so excited to get in the water but did not want to leave my mom. That day I learned how to swim by myself under water and if I did not get over the fear of being without my mom I would not have this memory. During these couple of years i went through many psychological stages in which i formed resolutions. At the age of 0-1 I developed a basic trust for my mother, father and siblings because I grew attached to each of them. From 1-2 years i experienced autonomy or being able to do things for myself such as potty training at a young age. At 3-5 years I was able to initiate tasks and carry out plans in preschool like coloring and counting. From the age of 6-12 I applied myself in my education as well as activities showing my industry. I developed from a shy child afraid of being independent to an outgoing, responsible young adult and I am proud of my accomplishments.
Currently I am a 17 year old, a junior in high school and I have matured a lot since I was a freshman. I participate in after school activities such as soccer and indoor/outdoor track. I work at a restaurant 4 days a week. When I am not playing sports or working I am with my friends or family. I have a very close immediate family as well as extended having 22 close in age cousins that i consider to be like siblings. The majority ...

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