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does ragging develop friendship Free essay! Download now

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does ragging develop friendship

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does ragging develop friendship essay previewdoes ragging develop friendship essay previewdoes ragging develop friendship essay preview


it tells about ragging activities and the dangerous act of it


Does ragging develop friendship?

Coalition to Uproot Ragging from Education (CURE) started off as a web-based
discussion group focusing solely on ragging and related issues in July 2001. The aim
was to collect the available information and present it to people in a manner they can
Relate to and understand. We wanted to evoke public opinion against ragging.
But what came as a rude shock to us was denial, denial not only to the existence of
Ragging, but denial of any suffering/ills of ragging. We thus identified the most difficult
Problem attached with the social evil of ragging, denial. Over the years, we have
counseled anxious fresher’s who are about to join college about the ways and means to
tackle ragging in college. We have received hate mails from people who believe ragging
is good for students. We have been confronted by alumni of colleges whom we have
exposed during our research investigations. We have met college authorities and
explained to them our stand and beliefs.
Ragging: The Definition
The term “ragging” means different things to different people. To some of us it
constitutes just “fun and frolic” including “singing and dancing” in front of seniors. To
some others, it means working on assignments for seniors and doing their daily chores.
For many others it constitutes physically tiring, verbally abusive or even sexually
assaulting acts. However, there is a general agreement that there must be a line defined which should not be crossed. Who should define the line and how should it be measured is the next
question that arises. Again there are conflicts and several opinions on the same.
Ragging is an act of aggression committed by an individual or a group of individuals
over another individual or a group of individuals (say B) where A, by virtue of
their being senior to B somehow gets the authority and audacity to commit the act and B, by virtue of their being new to the institution are automatic victims.

Problem of Ragging: A Bird’s Eye View
Ragging is a psychological phenomenon. The psychology of seniors who indulge in
ragging in spite of having faced the same just an year ago and the psychology of fresher’s who surrender their self respect completely to them.
Ragging is an interesting example of group push-pulls. The sociology of groups – seniors is a strong, existing group and a large number of new members suddenly join this group on a particular day. This group dynamics plays a major role in promoting, crossing lines and condoning the acts committed in the name of ragging. The group gives a feeling of security to the seniors who indulge in insensitive acts. In certain cases, the fresher’s too form a group and in most such cases things tend to turn ugly with violent clashes being common among the two groups. Ragging is a problem ...

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