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Attention and pathologies of attention Free essay! Download now

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Attention and pathologies of attention

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Detailed slideshow on subject


PWrite down YOUR definition(s) of “attention.”
PWe’ll compare notes, and probably see a variety
of different concepts being described
Ways of thinking about attention
PAttention as arousal
PSelective attention
< What happens to unattended inputs?
< Conscious and unconscious perception
< Change blindness
< Priming
PDivided attention
< Limited resources (specific? general?)
< Response selection
< Automaticity
Selection in reading
One morning a big poster outside of Oak School
folding tables volunteers new textbooks volunteers
told people about a basement rummage bargain sale
folding tables New textbooks a rummage sale
Inside were long counters on which stuff collected
a rummage sale new textbooks folding tables
by the kids was shown. Price tags were fastened to
folding tables volunteers new textbooks rummage
all articles. Most of the customers bought old but
volunteers new textbooks folding tables rummage
useful furniture.The sale was a huge success and
sale volunteers new textbook volunteers new
money was used to purchase a great many books.
Dichotic listening
An experimental procedure for studying selection and
division of attention
Yesterday I bought a big
After a while I bin nach
hause gehen.....
Yesterday I bought....
Traditional models of selective
PFilter theory (Broadbent)
PAttenuation theory (Treisman)
PLate selection theory
Figure 4.2 (p. 102)
Flow diagram of Broadbent's filter model of attention.
Figure 4.3 (p. 103)
(a) A sieve that lets through small grains of sand and keeps coarse grains from
coming through, based on the physical characteristic of the size of the sand
particles. (b) Broadbent's model of attention lets through the attended message
and keeps the unattended message from getting through, based on physical
characteristics of the message, such as the pitch of a person's voice.
Figure 4.6 (p. 106)
Flow diagram for Treisman's attenuation model of selective attention.

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