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US in Vietnam - unnecessary action? Free essay! Download now

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US in Vietnam - unnecessary action?

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This is about political interests fighting against political interests, power against power, ambition against ambition. We can verify, with the result of many wars as WWI, WWII, war in Iran, Israel vs. Palestine, and many other wars, that all wars are unnecessary. If fighting in a war that involves directly your country is unnecessary, imagine fighting in a war in which you are not directly involved?


At the end of WWII, Japan tried to get control of Vietnam, but with the help of U.S, the Japanese were taken out of Vietnam. In 1946 the Vietnamese and the French were fighting again. The Vietnamese wanted their independence and the French wanted to stay in Vietnam. At this point, US had to decide if they were going to help Vietnam or France. Analyzing the situation we can notice one detail, US already helped Vietnam to overthrow the Japanese that wanted to gain control of the country; what a sense of brotherhood! Then, US had to decide if they were going to help France or Vietnam; the logical answer would be that they would help again Vietnam because they were fighting for their independence. US is always talking about freedom, different kinds of freedom, so the first thing that comes to my mind is that in that case US would help the Vietnamese.
Unfortunately, my conclusions were wrong; US helped its unconditional ally, France. It is important to notice that US was not a direct object in this war. If US wanted to take part of the war, they could do it by helping Vietnam, because the
Vietnamese were fighting for their independence, it was fair after years of domination. The conflict could just be avoided if the French left Vietnam, but the French wanted to control them.
Why did US helped France? This is an interesting question. US saw France as an important ally in the struggle against communism, after WWII. US thought that Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam leader) could be dangerous because of the connections he had with the communists. US “fear” was that communism could spread in Asia and arrive to US. If US had influence (and control) in Vietnam, they could stop the Chinese communists. Aside all this political considerations, Vietnam was a land of raw material, that was useful to modern industry. For all this aspects, US decided to help France. Isn´t it all about interests? US practically entered a conflict because they were defending their interests. A selfish attitude, in my point of view.
US helped France, the Vietnamese were fighting along. Despite the French were being helped by US, the Vietnamese defeated them at Diem Bien Phu in 1954. One day after this defeat, an international conference in Geneva was made. The objective of this conference was to settle the Indochina Conflict. It was agreed (at the conference) a cease-fire and that Vietnam would be divided until they had general elections. Vietnam was divided at the 17 parallel; the communist were in the north and the vestiges of a French-controlled government were in the south. Apparently, the conflict was almost ready to finish, because if general elections were held, surely Ho Chi Minh (leader of North Vietnam) would be the winner and Vietnam would be one nation. But one more time, United States intervened. US opposed general elections in Vietnam because they knew that Ho Chi Minh would win and Vietnam would “fall under communism”.

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