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Arthur Stein: “The Individual and Global Peace Building” Free essay! Download now

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Arthur Stein: “The Individual and Global Peace Building”

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Arthur Stein: “The Individual and Global Peace Building” essay previewArthur Stein: “The Individual and Global Peace Building” essay previewArthur Stein: “The Individual and Global Peace Building” essay preview


Critique on Arthur Stein's “The Individual and Global Peace Building” article


Arthur Stein: “The Individual and Global Peace Building”

In this article, Arthur Stein tries to emphasize the role of an individual in humanity’s quest for a peaceful world order from the transformational perspective. He claims that positive peace is based on people’s understanding of importance of safe and sustainable environments and believes that over time more people will take a part at the process of peace building and relations among nations will improve.
There are theorists who believe that humankind is innately incapable of eliminating violence, as conflicts between peoples were recorded long ago in the history, while others consider that organized violence is not inevitable. Arthur Stein agrees with the second opinion, claiming that humans can behave in various ways, but not necessarily have to be violent. He gives example of avoiding the nuclear war a few decades ago. He also agrees with the claim of socio-biologists that violent behavior is not something that is inborn, but learned.
Transformational approach not only calls for reforms of political institutions, but also to examine what is it to be fully human and make a connection between psyches and social behavior. It is basically a normative approach and deals with often neglected values of individuals and society as a whole the role of the individual is central, but one also has to balance individual needs and the needs of entire society. Stein says that the individual is “the key to peace building and other transformative changes”. He states that all major political and social changes started with an individual or a small group of citizens, invoking more people into the matter.
The most common human desire for all the world language and for all the nations is peace and Stein considers it to be far more than just the absence of war. As A. J. Muste said “There is no way to peace. Peace is the way”, meaning that key to peace is in the peaceful individuals who would transform families, communities and, in the end, nations who would transform the world. The basic principle for peace building is non-violence. The example that Stein uses in his article is Dr. Martin Luther King’s philosophy of non-violence that brought freedom and racial harmony to the African-American people. However, individuals have to understand the larger situation and their own best interest to be able to behave rationally. Stein considers peace as a goal that must be achieved, not as a utopian idealism and it is only up to mankind to build all the necessary frameworks for peace. The 1947’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and 1988’s Declaration of Human Responsibilities represent a huge step forward in the process of peace building, but also issued ...

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