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Nuclear Fusion Free essay! Download now

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Nuclear Fusion

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Nuclear Fusion essay previewNuclear Fusion essay previewNuclear Fusion essay preview


A research paper about nuclear fusion and how it works


Nuclear Fusion

The need for energy exponentially expands every year humans are on this planet and fossil fuels arenít going to keep our fire going much longer. Scientists have been tinkering with alternate energy ever since we found a use for crude oil. Some are very efficient but donít put out much power, while on the other hand some put out huge amounts of energy but have dangerous outputs. The only alternate source of energy that is huge on energy and zero on any form of danger and could solely power our species is nuclear fusion.
Itís pretty well known for nuclear power to have a significant drawback, deadly radioactive waste that is lethal for thousands of years. But thereís is actually 2 main forms of nuclear energy. The one we all know and love to fear is nuclear fission. This way to achieve nuclear energy is by smashing a fissionable material (uranium 235) into another (uranium 236) and splitting the nucleus to get a chain reaction that is slowly fed energy, unlike an atom bomb where the chain reaction happens within fractions of a second. The other form of nuclear energy is the new and mostly unknown to most people is nuclear fusion. This is what keeps our sun burning and all the stars in the sky twinkling. The process of nuclear fusion is much more complex and has 2 main criteria: ultra high heat levels and confinement. On simple terms fusion is done by heating hydrogen in a doughnut shaped chamber called a tokamak and fusing it together to get helium and energy.
To start nuclear fusion, all the required materials is tritium and deuterium. Both of which are isotopes of hydrogen and they have been found, over years of trial and error, to be the most efficient. Most would think they might be hard to get or super rare or dangerous materials but there is 33 mg of deuritium in every liter of seawater, obtained by process of some sort of distillation. And tritium is actually very rare only 20 kilos exist on or in the earth. But nuclear fusion has solved this problem for itself. Within the walls of a fusion reactor reside thousands of metal plates called blanket modules and they catch one of the 3 byproducts of fusion, neutrons, the other 2 being energy (heat) and helium. Inside of these blanket modules is lithium and it recombines with the helium to recreate one helium atom and one tritium atom. The helium that comes off fusion is inert and nontoxic and the energy is then directed ...

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