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International Ethics Essay on censorship and wikileaks


Censorship: Wikileaks CableGate!
In today’s society, the ‘correct’ ethics and morality are considered to be the main factors of becoming a decent human being. Yet, ironically, what is seen to be ‘good’ is only judged and considered by the ‘Super Powers’. The truth had always been measured as a superior action. Yet, today the truth can also be considered as an off beam action, which may even lead you to many consequences including the result of one being trapped behind bars. It may be regarded that even if one states the truth, he or she can be proclaimed as being immoral, or to be more precise; the word that would be used to describe that person’s actions would be “terrorist”. Hence, this shows how complex the idea of truth is in today’s society. Censorship of the Wikileaks CableGate; is a case study which shall be approached in an International Ethics way. Different approaches shall be considered in regard of this case, focusing on the human rights approach, ends-based approach; rules based approach and even the morality of this issue.
Can one state that the censorship of Wikileaks is legitimate in a human rights approach? If one was to answer this question, on a legal positive approach of Human Rights; it would not be justifiable to censor Wikileaks. Hence, one then starts to question the idea of freedom of speech if censorship is justifiable then why are many people making it unjustifiable. One would then start to think to why Hilary Clinton and many others are saying that Assange is a terrorist and the Wikileaks CableGate is the greatest threat we face today, if Wikileaks is just expressing the truth? There is no exact answer to why these oppositions have risen, yet one can assume it is because their reputation has gone done the drain. Or, it could be a response of seeing in defence of the state which is building in seizes to turn back the clock on freedom of fundamental rights that were earned over a century, as they have realised that those rights cannot always be to their interest. The life we live is not solid, based on pen and paper hence; one can see that this is not a simple issue. Today, there is nothing stopping the people in power from censorship not only censoring the website but the idea as well, as people can argue that on a normative human rights approach; yes one can have the freedom of speech yet one must think of the feelings of others and respect “secrets”, or else if not wanted to be secretive it would have been told to the world. Hence, one can see the ...

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