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Legal Nurse Consulting Free essay! Download now

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Legal Nurse Consulting

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Legal Nurse Consulting essay previewLegal Nurse Consulting essay previewLegal Nurse Consulting essay preview


opportunities that nurse consultants have in the legal field


Legal Nurse Consultant
Nursing is an extremely rewarding and fulfilling career. A nurse provides care and compassion to patients and to their families. Men and women, who have been nurses, could choose to improve this already rewarding career by becoming a legal nurse consultant (LNC). This career involves registered nurses who can independently provide attorneys with medical insight to help with legal medical cases. Becoming a legal nurse consultant because of the number of specialties to choose from, the growing number of job setting opportunities and the ability to use oneís nursing degree to improve care and safeguard a clientís health is a way to enhance an already rewarding career.
Nursing consultants have existed for at least a decade and the number of specialties they Fhave to choose from has increased significantly over the years. One area that utilizes legal nurse consultants is Fraud and Abuse. A consultantís job in this area ensures that the care provided by health professionals is compliant with standards of care, and that they follow regulatory guidelines. (Clegg & Mansfield, 2003) The area of medical malpractice requires LNCís assisting attorneys in reviewing witness testimony for cases including injured or neglected patients housed in licensed health care facilities, like hospitals or long term care institutes. Elder Law is another specialty the LNC is encouraged to work in. Specializing in elder law allows opportunity for a legal nurse consultant to advocate for the geriatric community by ensuring quality care is available.
The legal field and health care community are working together, creating an influx of job setting opportunities. A legal nurse consultant can be hired by insurance companies to protect companies from losing money in unjust legal claims. The LNC will be required to review medical records, educate colleagues, investigate cases, assist in trial preparation, and even testify as an expert witness. Working for a law firm makes it necessary for the legal nurse consultant to review records, investigate cases and assist in trial preparation. Law firms profit from an LNCís medical knowledge base by being able to have them be an expert witness in a case. (Consultants, 1996) A freelance nurse consultant is another option to consider. A freelance nurse consultant is a self employed person that is available to a number of employers for a limited period of time. This position requires working with attorneys in medical court cases, interviewing patients and witnesses, and providing an expert point of view in preparing for cases. Choosing this line of work allows the LNC to decide on the exact circumstances of their employment. Freelancers are a valuable ...

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