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research proposal

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Downloads to date: N/A | Words: 198 | Submitted: 31-Oct-2011
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research proposal essay previewresearch proposal essay previewresearch proposal essay preview


web 3.0 and how it effects the music industry


Indicate if this is a draft or final version of your proposal: Draft

Objectives of the proposed study (including provisional title)

Provisional Title: web 3.0 and music consumption: the need for new business models

Research Questionn: as they way music is consumed changes how will the industry adapt in order to survive ?

Look at existing business models: plus and negatives and how this will differ.
Brief history of music consumption , draw future direction from this.
Reasons for change.
How technology advances aid OR hinder music consumption and experience
Business models changes made over time why ? example benfits

Relation of the topic to your course:

The Context


Background Literature:


Research design (including methods) or critical approach:


Data Collection Techniques:

Participants or Host Organisation:

Data Analysis Technique(s):

Ethical issues:

Special Resources required:

Timetable of main stages of the study:

Signature: Date:

I have read and agree to abide by the ‘University’s ethical principles and guidelines for research’ as outlined in the Dissertation Handbook. Submission of this form binds you to this requirement.

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