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Demonstration Communication Free essay! Download now

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Demonstration Communication

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Demonstration Communication essay previewDemonstration Communication essay previewDemonstration Communication essay preview


Essay about Demonstration Communication


Demonstrative Communication

When asked "how does one communicate?" The majority will answer "talking of course." Talking is communicating with words. It seems only natural that would be the answer. According to a study "it is revealed in the researches that 38% of communication is comprised of audio codes, %55 body language and 7% words (Demir, 2011). It would appear that we place far too much emphasis on just talking as a form of communication. When used properly, demonstratives add more than just words to communication. "As pronominal elements, demonstratives help establish referential networks that go beyond the sentence."(Hernandez, 2010) Perhaps the other means of communication are taken for granted. Maybe it is because humans have been communicating in ways other than words, long before words. It begs the age old question, "what came first, the chicken or the egg?" It could very well be said that it was Demonstrative Communication.
Demonstrative Communication is communicating in a means other than words. At first this might seem like a hard concept to grasp, but in point of fact is quite natural. How do animals communicate if at all? They do not talk per se but they definitely communicate. They show their feathers, they make loud and soft noises, they even release nasty smells! These are forms of Demonstrative Communication. In fact, it is said that "nonverbal communication as being a fundamental aspect of communication, meaning “nonverbal symbolic codes applied in relations in daily life, is used mostly unconsciously but continuously". (Demir, 2011)]
The most common and natural form of communication is body language. It is commonly seen and regularly either ignored or not noticed for what it is. It is a base reaction that can be traced to our more primitive days before the use of words. We may not realize it though it is completely natural and instinctive to cross our arms when we are uncomfortable. It is a biological method to give ourselves comfort in a simulated manner. It represents being held by a mother or other loved one. Body language is so ingrained in our DNA that we even communicate using it in our sleep. The fetal position is a common sleeping position for those who are scared , uncomfortable, sad, or just generally unwell. Again, this goes back even further into our existence when we were in the womb! If one is trained to spot body language markers it can be the most effective means of communication. Even the best liars and con-men tell the truth through body language.
Many times it is not what is said but how it is said. ...

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