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Workshop safety Free essay! Download now

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Workshop safety

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Safetry and precedures for an aviation workshop


Scenario 1
Health and Safety
Workshop Fire
Electric Shock
Chemical Spillage

Overall, the purpose of this assignment is to describe various features of a workshop. It gives you a guide to every procedure and safety rule you need to follow before starting on any task. A worker should be alerted at all times about any danger or risk he/she would face if that assigned task goes wrong in any way. Hence, they should always follow the rules, which would make their task much easier and reduce the possible dangers. Supervisors can examine workers to be 100% sure that he is well fit to be working in the workshop.
Scenario 1
Health and Safety: It is an unfortunate reality that accidents occur in the workshop and a worker neglects health and safety act and cause risk to oneself. Workers usually forget or ignore the risks and still continue with their work; once that mistake is done there is no turning back. Being ignorant can cause damage to not only oneself but also to fellow workers and the machinery. Inspection should be held to ...

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