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Work Life Balance - Human Resource Management Free essay! Download now

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Work Life Balance - Human Resource Management

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Work Life Balance - Human Resource Management essay previewWork Life Balance - Human Resource Management essay previewWork Life Balance - Human Resource Management essay preview


This essay discusses the concept of Work life Balance which is a part of Human Resource Management


The concept of Work Life Balance has always existed; it just wasnít until recently that experts put a name to it. Employment has been traditionally thought of the means to which you support your personal life, with Work Life Balance principles employers can now gain competitive advantage from creating a more symbiotic relationship with a personís home and work. This allows for lower stress in the work place and greater enjoyment in the home. The results of this are increased performance in the work place and great instrument for marketing to new employers. It is difficult to establish in any industry but can be done recruitment agencies. This concept was initiated by the government so it has a significance importance in HRM.
The major concept of Work Life Balance in employment is that the employer gives the employee the ability to handle their responsibilities in and out of work while generating self worth. This can be done by a multitude of ways:
Flexibility Although hard in many industries the companyís structure should enable an employee to work flexible times so that they can satisfy their out of work obligations. This can include anything from leaving early to pick up their children from school to being allowed to work via the Internet when the employee is required to handle home problems like construction work. The requirement of this is simple as the balance of work and life is not something that you can attach an actual number to. Certain weeks your personal life will require more time and other weeks your professional life will need a greater investment, with flexibility in the work place and home you can ensure neither will be neglected.††††††††††††††
Achievement As this is a balance between life and work an employee must have the ability to succeed in their profession. The employee needs to be able to succeed in and out of work to achieve this. The structure of the personís professional life needs to allow for progression in accordance to performance. Through this the person can truly shape their own destiny generating self worth and in conjunction with other work life balance concepts they will be able achieve in home life as well.
Enjoyment There are many employees who can be happy in any situation as long as they view it accordingly. Enjoying life is something that everyone can do and is integral to the work life balance. A person must be able to work in a setting that they can not only achieve but also enjoy their success. Tied in with the concept of flexibility a person needs to understand that in order to do well in work you need to be enjoying work and life. A happy ...

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