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Volkswagen strategy Free essay! Download now

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Volkswagen strategy

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Volkswagen strategy essay previewVolkswagen strategy essay previewVolkswagen strategy essay preview


Volkswagen strategy in India


Volkswagen. Das Auto.
Since its launch in India, Volkswagen has been in news for one campaign or the other. It has showered its creativity in one form of media- be it print, social, online or electronic or the other. This makes the brand an exciting case for marketing students to understand and analyze the branding concepts. Volkswagen India has never repeated the same concept of advertising, and more relied on word of mouth marketing after the campaign is launched. So they believe more in Pull strategy then Push.
Volkswagen India: A Brief Introduction
Volkswagen Group comprised of Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Scania, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge) and Volkswagen Passenger Cars. Out of this Audi (2007), Skoda (2001) and Volkswagen (2007) are launched in Indian market.
Volkswagen (core brand) was launched in India in 2007, when Passat was introduced in Indian market. Since its launch Volkswagen has introduced 6 new products in different segments.
Volkswagen Campaigns
Talking Newspaper (Launch of Vento):
Launch Period: 21st September, 2010
Back Page
Campaign was promoted only once
Amount Spent: Rs 5 crore
Newspaper: Times of India and Hindu
No. of copies: 2.2 million
Region: Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and Chennai
The Concept: Volkswagen launched its new Vento with a recorded audio clip attached at the back of the newspaper. The clip was auto played as soon as the paper was opened to read. Hence, driving the attention of the reader at the back of the newspaper, where the device was attached. All the features of the new Vento were mentioned at the end. In all 22 lakhs devices were attached to the newspaper which created huge buzz in both offline and online media.
The core idea behind this advertisement was to establish an emotional connect with the customers and what better way than being able to directly speak with the customers with the aid of newspaper. Volkswagen spent Rs 5 crore with the aim to create a brand for this car in the eye of the customer rather than increase sales. As the company’s brand recall was quite low this campaign brought them in the mind of the consumer.

CEO DDB Mudra: Sandeep Vij
President DDB India: Rajiv Sabnis
Creative Team:
Chief Creative Officer: Bobby Pawar
National Creative Head: Rajeev Raja
Anshumani Khanna
Timsy Gupta
Trishna Parkash
Gururaj Rao
Account Management:
Vice President: Ashish Marwah
Giridhar Bhat
Punit Bhatt
Planning Team:
Vice President: Micheal Follett

Volkswagen Roadblock Campaign
Launch Date: 11th November, 2009
Whole newspaper
Campaign was promoted only once
Amount Spent: Rs 40 crore (On the Integrated Marketing Campaign)
Newspaper: Times of India
Region: National Campaign

The Concept:
Roadblock means to take all advertisement columns in the newspaper for a particular day. Hence, during the edition of that particular day only advertisement of one particular company will come in newspaper. Obviously, the amount to block all advertisement spaces is huge but it creates a lot buzz and word ...

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