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The Behavior of the Young towards Luxury products Free essay! Download now

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The Behavior of the Young towards Luxury products

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The Behavior of the Young towards Luxury products  essay previewThe Behavior of the Young towards Luxury products  essay previewThe Behavior of the Young towards Luxury products  essay preview


Essay for second year students, BA Marketing, relating the behavior and reasons of young people towards luxury products


“The Behavior of the Young towards Luxury products “

’’The aesthetically perfect youth is the prototype of the ideal narcissistic consumer created and targeted by one form of advertising: you can look like this, have and do anything you want, with no restrains and no consequences.” (Shopping with Freud, Rachel Bowlby)
Young consumers gather more power to speak up and influence the consumer society with every generation. They are capable of taking decisions and making choices in a market that was till recently viewed as exclusive and grown up orientated. Clearly, there are mothers dressing up their off-springs in Ralph Lauren, but that is their choice and since the children clearly have no idea of the differences between Gap and Gucci, the example is not relevant to the observation of the emerging trends regarding luxury consumerism amongst the young people.
At birth, everyone starts from scratch, with a unique genotype, some inbuilt instincts (including a temperament), and a pre-wired capacity to learn certain kinds of behaviors.  Biological processes, psychodynamics process, behavioral processes, social shaping processes, slowly unfold, interacting with the individual's genotype, to dynamically create the unique psychological characteristics of the individual. Thus, teenagers face the modern challenge of shaping their own personality. Social scientists now recognize the multiplicity of identity, stating that the self is a collection of different but related self-perceptions. The self includes a multiplicity of images that people are to themselves and to one another (Arnould). These self-images motivate individuals to patronize brands whose images relate in some meaningful way to their own self-images. Possessions constitute an integral part of a person’s identity. Material objects that belong to someone become clues for definition to be used by the person and by others through interaction. Possessions allow the manifestation of people’s extended self, contribute in the construction of personal identity and facilitate the creation of a particular culture of consumption (Belk; Celsi ; Kozinets, ).

‘’You are what you can get, and you can get what you get by shopping for it. What you are is not what you make but what you consume. In bowling-alone societies shopping is often a central self-creative act.’’ (James B. Twitchell) This concept is clearly highly appreciated by teenagers nowadays since their idea of consumerism resembles pretty much the one of creation. Their need to emulate a certain lifestyle as to belong to a better group, their aspirations, their anticipatory consumption knowledge even though some of it like knowing the jet planes is clearly never going to be realized; defines who they are, is a starting point towards a lifelong relationship with brands and consumer decisions.
Coco Chanel said: ‘’Luxury is the necessity that begins where necessity ends.’’ But the puzzling fact is ...

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