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role of sales promotion on fmcg Free essay! Download now

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role of sales promotion on fmcg

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role of sales promotion on fmcg essay previewrole of sales promotion on fmcg essay previewrole of sales promotion on fmcg essay preview


study of sales promotion on different fmcg categories



Project on Role of Sales Promotion on FMCG products.

The objective of this study is to enhance my knowledge in this field since I am working in this industry.
This study will help me to know about the various sales promotion techniques used by the FMCG companies in order to improve their sales.
This sector has a huge potential in the market according to various market research firms.

In this project I have covered South Kerala.
This project has covered the study of consumer preference with respect to sales promotion in FMCG sector and also had examine trade off, relative importance of different attributes while responding to a sales promotion offer

Data collection method has included both primary and secondary data collection methods.

Primary Data Collection Method
Survey method has done through structured questionnaire.
Sample size was taken with 100 Retailers and 100 consumers.

Secondary Data Collection Method
It was done through collecting datas via various trade magazines and also with the help of internet.

At last conclusion of report, findings and suggestions was given based on study of secondary source as well as primary research.


In the age of globalization hyper completion has become a regular feature. Today the markets are no less than battlegrounds and one has to strive very hard for survival and growth.

Due to very rapid industrialization all over the world the demand for the managerial personnel and the administrative personnel has increased. The perfect study of management involves both the theoretical and the practical aspects. To survive in this highly competitive market “PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE” is as relevant as the theoretical.

In this project more emphasize is given to the various tools of sales promotion and its impact on consumers buying decisions. Actually in recent trend to some extent this technique has also become victim of clutter, even though it can be eliminated by generating innovative and more attractive tools to lure the customers.

Nowadays most of the FMCG companies considering sales promotion as an important part of their marketing strategy. From the analysis of survey it becomes clear that consumers do response to the sales promotion campaign, but there are ...

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