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marketing questions - vietnam Free essay! Download now

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marketing questions - vietnam

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marketing questions - vietnam essay previewmarketing questions - vietnam essay previewmarketing questions - vietnam essay preview


marketing HND, BPP Professional education


3a – Describe how products are developed to sustain competitive advantage in Vietnam
3a.1. Definition of Competitive Advantage:
Competitive advantage includes the features that Sunshine could use to gain vantage in the competition. Being a new brand in Vietnam makes Sunshine’s operation be zoomed out on a small part of the market – the youngsters. Sunshine also does the differentiation process by relying on the augmented product with the pillow.
3a.2. Explain Total Product and FAB:
There are three levels of a product. The core product is the main one, which is the problem solving service or core benefits that consumers are really buying when they obtain a product. Besides, there are actual and augmented products. Actual product incorporates the quality, features and design, brand name, packaging and other attributes that combine to deliver core product benefits; when the augmented product incorporates the consumer services and benefits built around the core and actual products.
In a competitive environment like Vietnam, Sunshine has taken the Beddybyes Pillow as the core product. People would buy the pillow as a cushion to support the head comfortably when sleeping. The extended features like the refreshing scent or the tissue combined within, the modern design, the packaging box, the mild material and the brand name Sunshine would be counted as the actual products. People who buy the Beddybyes Pillow would also receive the consumer services like advisory, which could be thought of as an augmented product.
3a.3. Analysis on Elements of Products for the Beddybyes Pillow:
The feature of the Beddybyes Pillow is a mix of the refreshing scent or the tissue combined within, the modern design, the packaging box and the mild material. Moreover, there are advantage statements like more fashionable, more resistant and pleasant. The promotional message concentrates on the advantages: “Better for Your Health”.
3a.4. Porter’s Generic Competitive Strategy for the Beddybyes Pillow:
The way of marketing which can be applied in the case of the Beddybyes Pillow is the differentiation strategy.
There are tons of features that Sunshine could use as competitive advantages: determined ranges of customers (young and positive people), unique extended features, a motivated and positive image of the company, original packaging, being in the first period of the PLC,…
3a.5. The Product Life Cycle (PLC) for the Beddybyes Pillow:
The Product Life Cycle consists of four main stages: introduction, growth, maturity and decline. Because of being a new product, the Beddybyes Pillow is in the first period (Introduction).
Being in the introduction period, the Beddybyes Pillow has price used cost-plus. Sunshine has to accept this product’s low sales and high price when trying to create product awareness and trial concurrently. Moreover, Sunshine would build a selective distribution system and product awareness among early adopters and dealers by early ...

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