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Learning Styles Free essay! Download now

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Learning Styles

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Learning Styles essay previewLearning Styles essay previewLearning Styles essay preview


Everyone has a different style of learning. The essay should give an indication of the different ways of learning information and which best suits you.


Learning Styles

Learning styles are the methods we use when studying and revising. It is a personal preference how we remember and comprehend information presented to us, with many styles and techniques used by students and teachers across the world, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.
My chosen method of study is using mind maps, found merely through trial and error. Looking upon various resources and research into my career as a Certified Chartered Accountant, I will ascertain if my methods are the most suitable.
According to Rachel Rutherford interviewed by Lesley Meall (2006), “they are looking for ambitious, highly-driven people” with a “work hard play hard” attitude that shows “an interest in financial services from very early in your career”. This indicating a basic knowledge of accounting, which can only be accomplished through hard work and a good study technique to achieve the necessary level of knowledge they require.
To find a suitable study technique, I have taken a number of questionnaires based upon helping individuals to find and develop their learning styles.
One such questionnaire is the “Memletics Styles Quiz” (Advanogy Publishing, 2003) which gives feedback designed to establish your ‘learning style’ and how best to utilise this to your advantage when studying. According to my results, I prefer to work “Solitarily” with “Visual” aids and in a “Logical” step-by-step approach.
The feedback suggested the use of mind maps, as I previously, but with colours helping to identify links and categorise information and also to work in a clock-wise pattern to show the flow from one point to another. By integrating this into my revision, I may find that it enables me to process and retain information more easily when it comes to exams and coursework. The “Memletics Styles Quiz” also suggests that people with a visual style will find memorising graphs and diagrams easier than words. This can be linked to my choice of career as an Accountant, where the majority of the Financial Statements created are shown in tables and laid out in a very particular way; a method I prefer to use, enabling me to memorise what is required of me easier.
My logical style, it is suggested will then help me to complete the figures to be entered, which have to be completed in a particular order and way. People of a logical style it is suggested “work well with numbers and you can perform complex calculations” and “are happy setting numerical targets and budgets” (Advanogy Publishing, 2003), as is required of an accountant in their day to day tasks.
(Paul Oliver, 1998) recommends using your chosen method of learning to create “summaries of information such as cue cards”, and to test yourself on these repetitively throughout the revision/study ...

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