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Labour welfare Free essay! Download now

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Labour welfare

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Labour welfare essay previewLabour welfare essay previewLabour welfare essay preview


Labour welfare has become a necessity because of the every nature of the industrial system. The approach to this problem or movement differed from country to country according to the degree of development in a particular country. However, the need for labour welfare in some way or the other is realized all over the world because of preventing socio-economic conditions and problems in the industrial society.




Labour welfare is an important facet of industrial relations. It is one of the major aspects of national programmers towards bettering the lot labour and creating a life and work environment of decent comfort for the labour class. After employees have been hired, trained and remunerated, they need to be retained and maintained to serve the organization better. Welfare facilities are designed to take care of the well-being of the employees; they do not generally result in monetary benefits to the employees. Nor are these facilities provided by employers alone. Government and non-government agencies and trade unions too, contribute towards employee welfare. With the growth of industrialization and mechanization, it has acquired added importance. The concept of welfare economics owes its origin to the Industrial Revolution. The importance of the labour in the Industrial system in the future planned economy of the country has been recognized. The need and importance of the Labour Welfare is being increasingly appreciated through out the cavaliered world. The worker both in industry and agriculture cannot cope up with the pace of modern life with minimum sustainable amenities. He needs an added stimulus to keep body and soul together. Employers behave realized the importance of their role in providing these extra amenities. And yet, they are not always able to fulfill worker's demands however reasonable they might be. They are primarily concerned with the viability of the enterprise. Labour welfare though it has been proved to contribute to efficiency in production, is expensive. Each employer depending up on his priorities gives varying degree of importance to Labour welfare. It is because the government is not sure that all employers are progressive minded and will provide basic welfare measures that it introduces statutory legislation from time to time to bring about some measures of uniformity in the basic amenities available to industrial workers.


The origin of Labour welfare activities of India may be traced to First World War of 1914-18. Till then, welfare of the workers was hardly thought of owing to the ignorance and illiteracy of workers ,themselves, the shortsightedness of the employers, the carelessness of the state, and the influence of the public. Since First World War, it has been expanding on a voluntary basis. International labour organization [1919] has also played an important role in the area of Labour Welfare and India being a founder member followed I.L.O in this respect. so many labour legislations have been enacted by the central and state governments, which have laid down the minimum standard of employment and working conditions. Apart from states, employers, trade unions and social organizations function as agencies for the implementation of labour welfare measures. The international labour organizations advisory body and cannot ...

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