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hrm practise in RMG SECTOR Free essay! Download now

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hrm practise in RMG SECTOR

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Downloads to date: N/A | Words: 6434 | Submitted: 26-Jan-2012
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hrm practise in RMG SECTOR essay previewhrm practise in RMG SECTOR essay previewhrm practise in RMG SECTOR essay preview


this essay talks about rmg sector of Bangladesh with two particular samples


Chapter 1: Introduction
Origin of the Study

All businesses are concerned with earning profit through selling either a product or rendering service. A textile produce tangible product to sell for maximizing their profit. But the most important sector in a textile is the Human Resource Management. Without which an organization cannot perform its functions. And a structural planning process is essential to develop HRM in an organization.
Therefore, the Human Resource Practice has an important role to play in the textile sector of Bangladesh. Consequently the study of Human Resource practice in RMG sector in the context of Bangladesh’s developing economy would help in the overall management of balance of payment of the count

Objective of the Study

To acquire knowledge and find the relationship between practical and theoretical background.
To evaluate the Human Resource performance of RMG sector.
To examine the operational procedure of Textile.
To examine various factors and techniques used in HR Planning Process.
To analyze the overall performance of foreign exchange operations of RMG sector.
To find the position of RMG sector with regard to foreign exchange operations through a comparison with other countries.

Scope of the Study
This report is prepared as a requirement of the course “Human Resource Management.” We selected Square Textiles Ltd and COATS Bd Ltd. working on these organizations we came to know various Kind of HRM practice which are use here. Though they are a textile, they have proved themselves in the related industry as a major competitor. In this report we have followed the guidelines provided by the teacher. Here we have tasked not only the HRM practice but also the marketing, management, finance and operational area of the Company
1.4 Methodology of the Study
This report has been prepared on the basis of surveyed information. For preparing this report I have also got the information from annual report and website of the SQUARE TEXTILE LTD and COATS Bd Ltd.
Sources of data collection:
Primary Sources

Face to face conversation with the respective officers and stuffs of the office.
Surveying with employees of the office.
Secondary Sources

Various publications on textile.
Website of Square Textile Limited.
Different procedure manual published by Square Textile Limited and COATS Bd Ltd.

1.5 Limitations
Although I have tried to find out the relationship between our theoretical knowledge and practical implication, I have found some differences between what I learn in theory and what are practical.
The report was completed under the following constraints
Difficulty in gaining accesses to accounts of the textile.
Without their own employee it is very much difficult to collect relevant data.
In some cases verifications of data were become tough.
Unavailability of necessary documents.
As the department specified a short span of time, sufficient time could not spend to make on in-depth study on such ...

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