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Dominican republic Free essay! Download now

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Dominican republic

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Dominican republic essay previewDominican republic essay previewDominican republic essay preview


this is about this country


Dominican Republic
Executive Summary: This is a report on Dominican Republic, about feasible opportunities of FDI in Dominican Republic. This report gives an overview of history, people and society, Exports and Imports of the country, FDI policies in Dominican Republic, Taxation, internal and external analysis of the FDI in this country and conclusion on possible industries for FDI.
Part I: Introduction
History & Geography:-
Christopher Columbus explored Dominican Republic on his first voyage in 1492 and it attended its independence on 27th February 1844. It has a land area of 18680 sq mi and capital city being Santo Domingo and even the largest city. Dominican Republic is surrounded by Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean & Haiti majorly.
People & Society:-
The nationality is Dominican; Ethnic Groups consist of mixed 73%, white 16% & black 11%. Official language is Spanish and religions followed are Roman Catholic 95%, other 5%. The population of Dominican Republic is 10,088,598 (July 2012 est.). Over 15 years of age can read & write while literacy rate is 87% which is average as compared to other countries of world. Unemployment rate being 13.3% (2011 est.)% and in world comparison it comes to 138rank.
Economic Overview:-
The currency of Dominican Republic is Dominican peso & the exchange rate to USD is Dominican pesos (DOP) per US dollar -38.19. The GDP of Dominican Republic is $93.23 billion (2011 est.) & second largest economy in the Caribbean. The inflation rate is 8.6% (2011 est.) & country comparison to the world is 183.
Agricultural products being produced by Dominican Republic are sugarcane, coffee, cotton, cocoa, tobacco, rice, beans, potatoes, corn, bananas; cattle, pigs, dairy products, beef& eggs.
Dominican Republic exports commodities in free trade zones (FTZs), such as textiles, electronic products, jewelry, tobacco, and pharmaceuticals, as well as cacao, sugar, tobacco, and coffee. Aside from inputs into FTZs, it imports petroleum and petroleum-derived products, durable consumer goods (automobiles, etc.), and food and foodstuff.

Well developed industries in Dominican Republic are tourism, sugar processing, ferronickel and gold mining, textiles, cement, tobacco out of which major exports of tobacco and sugar generates maximum revenue. The electricity production of this country is 14.58 billion kWh and consumption is 12.87 billion kWh.
The export of Dominican Republic is $7.792 billion & commodities exported are ferronickel, sugar, gold, silver, coffee, cocoa, tobacco, meats, and consumer goods. The major export partners are US 52%, Haiti 13.6%.
The import of this country is $18.38 billion & commodities imported are foodstuffs, petroleum, cotton and fabrics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. The major export partners are US 44%, Venezuela 7%, China 6.1%, Mexico 4.9%, Colombia 4.8%.
There were some issues with Haiti in the earlier years after independence as Haiti ruled Dominican Republic for 22 years. However, research on foreign relationships of Dominican Republic ...

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