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Call center Case study Free essay! Download now

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Call center Case study

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Call center Case study essay previewCall center Case study essay previewCall center Case study essay preview


Call center Case study


CRM Call Center

The CRM software integrates all the forms of customer contact into a central history database where they can be retrieved or viewed together. Using CRM software, a customer issue can be tracked from the original point of contact through to resolution.

CRM call centers help companies realign their entire organization around customers. And thus, is a strategic business initiative. Sales, Marketing and Service as well as other groups are connected and coordinated through the CRM applications. Before a call is made to the customer, all recent activity for that customer should be reviewed to be informed of recent events. Then a sales strategy needs to plan based upon observed opportunities. The use of CRM software in the call center allows the assignment of a value to each customer if the culture supports that philosophy. With that feature, one can choose how to interact with that customer.

CRM helps the company identify most valuable customers and understanding their lifetime values. Using CRM, the call centers design the organization systems and service to best meet the needs of customers and maximize their value. CRM is intended for long-term relationship building. Besides capturing the different forms of customer interaction, CRM allows you to capture and store all available customer information in the central history database. This allows agents the ability to pull up a customer's entire history while the two interact. Communication and service are more effective and efficient. Most CRM products also track trends in purchasing and customer feedback.

Inbound Call Center

An inbound centre is one that handles calls coming in from outside, most often through toll free numbers. These calls are primarily service and support calls, and inbound sales.

The services of inbound call centers are designed to handle catalog orders, help desk queries, dealer locations and more. They offer customized services that are designed to meet the requirements of all kinds of businesses. The inbound call centre professionals process calls and integrate Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and/or Internet services to sell additional products and offer services in a dedicated environment.
They also integrate customer care services, predict customer behavior and take action, while the customers are still on the line. The inbound call center employ a dedicated team of live operators, account representatives and program managers. Offering 24/7 operator availability for the customers, these call centers provide round-the-clock account management. The teams of qualified and trained operators understand the business, products and services and perform to deliver their best. Using advanced telephone service technology and programming, these call centers lay great emphasis on attention to detail in messaging and reporting of all inbound calls.
Inbound call centers offer communication services specifically designed to maximize the efficiency of direct marketing efforts or to be a part of the technical support team of the clients. They work together with you as a partner building a strong, successful long-lasting relationship with customers.

Inbound Call Center offer

Skilled, professional, customer support and technical service representatives

Improved market coverage

Faster ramp-up, launch, and roll-out of new campaigns

Experience with programs similar to yours

Rapid response to market conditions

Account management expertise

Enhanced reporting capabilities

Market testing capabilities

Interactive Call Center

Interactive call center is a central point in an enterprise from which all customer contacts are managed. These include one or more online call centers. More companies are turning to interactive providers to outsource everything from lead generation and survey calls to order processing. They provide great opportunity to improve customer service levels, increase productivity and save money.
The only secret behind interactive call centers is a technology known as interactive voice response (IVR) that automates interaction with telephone callers. Customers require high levels of availability and interactivity and IVR is one of the most essential way of providing 24 hours service.

Provide 24x7 custom, friendly services, cost-efficiently.

Offer nationwide customer "self service" with optional redirect to live agents.

Automate routine and complex transactions that traditionally required processing by an agent.

Eliminate the cost of staffing for unpredictable peaks and valleys of incoming calls.

Avoid the expense of training agents and installing cutting-edge call center equipment.

Provide high-response capability for weekends and off hours

Outbound Call Centre

The success of the Outbound Call Centers depends on the extensive experience, technological solutions, quality assurance programs and commitment to customer service excellence that further ensures maximum results from the direct marketing efforts.

The integrated call management systems in the outbound call centre facilities use, systematic calls to consumers and transfer successful connections to a designated marketing representative (MR) who is dedicated and has been trained for the specific client application. As a call is presented to the MR, the consumer's name, address, and other available information are simultaneously presented on the MR's workstation along with a client's customized script.

Services of Outbound Call Centers:

Market Intelligence

Database Selling

Direct Mail Follow-up

Lead Generation \ Qualification \ Management

Seminar Population

Product Promotion

Debt Collection

Information and Literature Fulfillment

Appointment Scheduling

Decision Maker Contacts

Up Sell/Cross Sell Campaigns


Customer Satisfaction

Phone Call Center

The phone call centers offer flexible call routing, superior IVR capacity and predictive dialing systems.

Utilizing advanced telephony and Internet technology; the Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) in the phone call centers provide accurate and timely information for the most complex inbound or outbound programs. The phone call centers offer personalized call management by a team of professional operators who know about the client and his business.

The phone call centers provide 24/7 answering and business services that help keep the customers satisfied. This is essential as the call centers could be losing customers because of not answering the phone when they called and also as they expect answers to questions immediately. The customers expect the call centers to work around their busy schedules. The call centers are equipped with top-of-the-line communications technology.

Telemarketing Call Center

Telemarketing refers to the business or practice of marketing goods or services by telephone. It is the act of selling, promoting or soliciting a product over the telephone. Reliable telemarketing is an essential part of the organization's working to enhance sales and increase profits. Combining the best of personnel, processes and progressive technologies, telemarketing call center serve as highly reliable specialist resource for organizations seeking outstanding performance and results.

The telemarketing call centers provide customized telephone services that reveal the valued techniques used by successful telephone sales and support professionals. The fully automated, state-of-the-art call center equipments and custom software enables the call centers to field thousands of calls daily for each client with a high degree of professionalism and customization. The clients receive superior quality, experience and courteous service, coupled with the advanced technical capabilities. The call centers are staffed 24x7 and 365 days and they totally concentrate on using the tactical skills and effective processes during inbound/outbound call process.

Virtual Call Center

Virtual call center is a call center in which the organization's representatives are geographically dispersed. These people are not situated at work stations; they rather work from their homes or in small number of groups. People in small groups may open small centers to work. It provides the ability to extend the CSR desktop and telephony support to any place on the planet.

Virtual call center is simply defined as an approach to enterprise wide call center management that treats several geographically dispersed call centers as one. These call centers are largely inbound in function and are gaining popularity as companies look for alternatives to running a traditional, in-house call center or using an offshore outsourcer.

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