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abstinence programs


Abstinence Isn’t the Only Way
Sexual education is a very important discussion in the United States. Are kids getting the education they need to stay mentally and physically healthy from a sexual standpoint? Although most schools in the United States do give some sex education classes, I feel there needs to be a lot more realistic information given to the students. Teachers telling kids abstinence is the only way to safe is very unrealistic; let’s face it, teens will have sex before marriage. “Abstinence programs were defined as those that encourage and expect young people to remain abstinent till marriage, comprehensive programs encourage abstinence as the safest choice, but also encourage young people who are having sex to use a condom” (Malone 1).
In reality, millions of students in the U.S. laugh and joke about the sex education classes they are given. Hearing, “Wait to have sex until marriage,” is not realistic nor followed by a numerous amount of teenagers. Most of the information given is just a video from 1890 that kids either just laugh at or take a nap during. If the information given was up to date and reliable kids would actually learn something and use it in their own lives rather then make it a joke. Nationwide, one in four teenagers between 2006 and 2008 learned about abstinence without any contraceptive methods (Santos, Philips 1). So what’s the point in spending all this money on programs that teach kids no realistic information and just tell them to stay abstinent. Parents already know kids hate to listen unless it intrigues them or they can relate to the information. So these programs need to teach more and be realistic to these kids and maybe they would listen more. Those statistics show why abstinence only education is not the way to go. All of the money that is spent trying to inform kids is being put to waste because students learn little to no information, and the information they are given is either boring in their minds so they just don’t listen, or unrealistic and won’t be understood. From 1996 to 2009, the government funded 1.5 billion dollars to abstinence only programs (Malone 1). All this money could be put to enhancing the program instead of teaching the same generic information that was taught many years ago. These programs deny teenagers medically accurate information about birth control, HIV, and STD information; Study after study shows abstinence only education is ineffective (Fiebiger 1). Every child has the option to have sex or not, and if they have sex unprotected then they are exposed to many different type of illnesses that would ...

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