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ABC. Inc Case Study Free essay! Download now

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ABC. Inc Case Study

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ABC. Inc Case Study essay previewABC. Inc Case Study essay previewABC. Inc Case Study essay preview


Case study.


ABC, Inc., New Hire Orientation Program
New hire orientation is currently in trouble at ABC, Inc. After reviewing a current situation at ABC, Inc., it is noted that Carl Robins, an ABC, Inc. employee lacked knowledge of the orientation process and procedures. In addition, he exhibited poor time management, and project management skills. Successful job performance is a combination of proper documented process and procedures; as well as individual diligence, along with time and project management. Management’s responsibility is to set performance expectations with the use of performance planning and assessment tools (Performance and Developemnet Plan, 2005).
Carl Robins, ABC, Inc., campus recruiter, had the responsibility of arranging new hire orientation for 15 new trainees for the Operations Supervisor. The trainees were starting in about two and a half weeks, and Carl discovered the following: the new hirers had uncompleted applications, no mandatory drug testing were performed, and there was a lack of a training location because the space was already taken for another group. Carl, a relatively new employee himself, lacked skills, and guidance to complete sucessfully his first recruitment project. Despite queries from the operational supervisor two weeks prior, Carl demonstrated poor time management and project management skills in setting up the trainees for orientation. This lack of poorly executed follow through was also complicated by ABC, Inc. not possessing the appropriate resources, such as policies and procedure for new hire orientation. There also was a not enough of complete orientation manuals to present to each new hire.
Key Problems
New employees do not have the knowledge of a company’s policy and procedures, which in Carl’s case, includes specifically ABC, Inc., orientation process. Orientation, done properly, becomes an important step in the retention of new employees (Brown, 2007). Carl, an inexperienced employee, did not have available a policy and procedure manual to act as a guideline in the arranging of orientation or a mentor for guidance. Implementing a policy and procedure for this process, allows the employee, like Carl, to utilize these documents as a guideline for not only the current group of new hirers but also each subsequent group. The policy and procedures should include key information necessary to complete this process, and examples of forms and handouts that will be used. The additional support of a mentor would guide and oversee Carl through this process. Mentorship between a senior employee and new employee has proven to have a positive effect on the professional development of new employees (United States Office of Personnel Management, 2008).
The ABC, Inc., recruiter, lacking time management skills, did not ensure the proper documentation was completed on the new hire applications, ...

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