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food hygiene management Free essay! Download now

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food hygiene management

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food hygiene management essay previewfood hygiene management essay previewfood hygiene management essay preview


food hygiene management


Carol McGrath

Coalyard Directors responsible for allocating budgets (training budget allocated), making policies (strategic), setting objectives and standards; signed the Food Safety Policy Statement.

As the new Training Manager of the Coalyard; responsible for changing behaviour, managing, developing and delivering responsive training programmes; to ensure training and development at all levels is effective and meets business needs, short-term requirements and strategic direction within agreed timescale. Continually review programmes to ensure they are effective.

As part of all staffs annual appraisal, sit an e-online competency based assessment- allows training to be at a convenient time to both the business and staff.
Economically for the business, don’t have to pay a training proving or pay travel expenses.

As training manager, upload different programmes at all levels using clear unambiguous language.
Basic level created with basic sentences/ mostly pictorial.
As all refresher training completed on-line, Training department has an accurate record of competency of all Coalyard staff; may be able to use ‘Due diligence defence’ (staff properly trained and adequate training records kept.)

Training helps staff to develop knowledge and necessary skills to become competent food handlers who always demonstrate high standards of personal hygiene and produce safe food continuously.

Training contributes to increased profitability at the Coalyard by producing safe food, reducing food spoilage/wastage also safeguards the quality of the food while ensuring all preventative maintenance and cleaning procedures are followed which enhances the Coalyards good reputation.

The sooner staff trained as competent food handlers; the sooner they can make a positive contribution to the organization.

Visitors/Contractors- all must comply with all Coalyards Food Safety Policies – sign waiver
If there was an outbreak of food poisoning there is a clause to require them to be tested.

Pre-Employment checks
All persons being considered for employment must complete and sign a pre-employment health and medical questionnaire before being offered employment; emphasis on standards of personal hygiene to prevent oral/faecal contamination
Medical questionnaires; reviewed by in-house qualified nurse who is competent to access the implication of the answers
All new staff given an employee handbook which contains a copy of the Coalyards- Food Safety Policy Statement and details the hygiene rules they will be expected to follow

Post Employment screening
All new staff given a competency assessment card to check they have read the employee handbook and have understood the hygiene rules and standards that the Coalyard expect and the consequence for failing to adhere to them.

Assess staffs learning styles and literacy and numeracy levels- determined from staff records, interview, prior qualifications and meetings- required to know in advance on what teaching techniques to be used/qualifications to be used

New staffs, complete an In-house Induction Training Programme includes -REHIS INTRODUCTION - commensurate with their work activities. However staff who have already attained this level will complete competency ...

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