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Can society exist without law Free essay! Download now

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Can society exist without law

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Can society exist without law essay previewCan society exist without law essay preview




Can society exist without laws?
Naturally, there cannot be a society without laws. In any society, everyone has to adhere to the laws made. The reason being that laws exist only for the society. According to former judge C Upendra, if there is no law then there is no society. Hence, the legal philosophy of Von Savigny stated that “law grows with the growth of the society itself and finally withers away as the nation loses its nationality”. Most importantly, the law serves as the backbone of organized societies and tends to keep the society bound.
Everyone must do as the law says, or else he/she will face the punishments which will be handed out in the case of him/her ending up being law-breakers. Hence, the law major role is to act as a deterrent to control the evil and treacherous behaviour of human beings to maintain discipline and progression within the society.
Additionally, the role that law plays in the society is to guarantee the rights of those who are weaker either physically or socially in any given social structure. It is clearly impossible for everybody in any society to have absolute freedom: as one person may want to exercise that freedom, it would trample upon somebody else's freedom. So, the laws put limits on each person's freedom in order to protect other person's freedom. For example: we are free to drive a car on the road, but only if we possess a valid driving license and even then, we must keep to one side of the road, and also obey to the speed limits and road signs. In this way, although our freedom to drive is restricted, we are protected from other people's careless or unskilled driving.
Laws are therefore enacted by elected representatives of the social group to protect the rights of life and substance from those in a society who would use their prestige, wealth and manipulation of arms to restrict the rights of others. Laws are written to be followed and applied equally to all people in a given society to ensure that no one feels abused by his fellow countrymen and to protect members of society from each other.
The other reasons for having laws in society is because it plays many functions such as ensuring government power is being recognised, promoting personal freedom, facilitating planning , the realization of reasonable expectations, promoting economic growth through free competition, promoting social justice, and protecting the environment as well. Additionally, ...

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