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The perception of terrorists events Free essay! Download now

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The perception of terrorists events

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The perception of terrorists events essay previewThe perception of terrorists events essay previewThe perception of terrorists events essay preview


The perception of terrorists events revolving around september 11th.


Perception Paper
Various 9/11 conspiracy theories appeared momentarily after the September 11th attacks. Some theories about 9/11 are very persuasive and where some theories are completely implausible others offer more validity. However, no matter what you believe about what happened on that horrific day to our country some factual information is to be considered. There are a lot of factors one can analyze in determining if the dreadful attacks on the World Trade Center buildings were planned by our government. Based on what happened on 9/11 and the facts gathered thereafter, one can conclude that our government was involved on some type of level and has either profited or covered up something.
Let’s investigate a few things that happened well before 9/11 that were out of the ordinary. The first thing is insider trading; “It is well documented that the CIA has long monitored such trades - in real time - as potential warnings of terrorist attacks and other economic moves contrary to U.S. interests”. On Sept. 6, 2001, the Thursday before the tragedy, 2,075 put options were made on United Airlines and on Sept. 10, the day before the attacks, 2,282 put options were recorded for American Airlines. Given the prices at the time, this could have yielded speculators between $2 million and $4 million in profit (Ruppert, 2001). By 9/10 “put options” numbers were up to an eye-grabbing 4,516 that’s 6 times higher than the normal volume, yet CIA turned blind eyes to the heavy inside trading. This knowledge comes a few months after our former President Bush was forewarned in the President's Daily Brief, which is measured to be the lone most essential manuscript that our U.S. intelligence community turns out. This is something that should raise flags to American citizens, because this is the proof of one way some profited by the attacks.
After the attacks on 9/11 a lot of questions were left unanswered, a lot of things just didn’t add up or make any sense. The Pentagon crash was one of the most mystifying actions that preceded that towers going down. The size of the impact hole of the American Airlines plane was significantly much smaller than the plane. It’s still in question to why the plane was not shot down prior to impact. In the event that an airplane was to be hijacked, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) is prepared to send out fighter jets which can weaken or shoot down an airplane. On 9/11/01, NORAD generals said they learned of the hijackings in time to scramble fighter jets. Some skeptics believe NORAD commanded defense systems to “Stand-down”, because of their lack of presence during the attacks. To add insult to injury ...

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