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The 1960s Free essay! Download now

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The 1960s

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The 1960s essay previewThe 1960s essay previewThe 1960s essay preview


History project about the impact of the 1960s


The 1960’s

Every decade has their own story, their own specific way to let you know the actual time period just by talking about a specific event that happened during that time. The time period I chose to write about was the 1960’s, now considering I was not born in this era, I can still relate to many things that have happened throughout the time period. We were asking to choose three different styles of humanities to write about in our paper, something along with music, an artist, or event that everyone would know about and is important to American society. There are so many topics to choose from in the sixties that it was kind of difficult for me to actually narrow down the ones that I wanted to pick. There was the “I Have a Dream Speech” which was very important at the time and still is today, or even the Vietnam War was going on in the sixties, which changed the way for warfare up to today.
The topics I chose to discuss in my paper were the JFK assassination, where I’ll be talking about the controversy over the killing and discuss details after doing research on the topic. The next topic I chose was Woodstock, probably one of the biggest and most memorable concerts of all time. They had the biggest names in music at the time play at this concert and everyone who was anyone was there for the 3 day long fest that it turned out to be. Then the last topic I chose was an artist, well more in this case an inventor and artist all thrown into one person. I chose Stan Lee, who was the creator of DC Universe and Marvel Comics. He changed the way of how kids or even adults looked at something called a superhero and made them keep coming back to read more about these superhero’s.
During the sixties there was a lot going on with America due to the fact of so much crime and worry about war and Cuba that it was the perfect opportunity for someone to sneak in and assassinate the president, which someone did. It was at the height of the Cold war when the president was murdered on Friday, November 22, 1963. There were so many problems with the U.S that I’m certain there were many people who did not like J.F.K for their own personal reasons, he basically was splitting the country and his administration due to the Vietnam War plus the War on Crime that was being put into full effect due to the problems over in Cuba. The murder took place when the president and his ...

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