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Russia 1917–1941 Free essay! Download now

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Russia 1917–1941

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Russia 1917–1941  essay previewRussia 1917–1941  essay previewRussia 1917–1941  essay preview


Russia 1917–1941 in world history


Russia 1917–1941
FIVE strengths and SEVEN weaknesses of the Tsar’s Government in 1913
FIVE causes of the March 1917 Revolution [Why Was There A Disaster?]
Events on the SIX days of the March Revolution
SIX problems of the Provisional Government [Government That’s Provisional Will Be Killed]
Events of the Provisional Government, March – November 1917
THREE days of Bolshevik Revolution, 6–8 November 1917
SEVEN reasons the Bolsheviks won [Perhaps Seven Powers Gave Lenin An Opportunity]
SIX characteristics of the Bolsheviks state [Great Big Changes Create Terrible War]
THREE causes of the Civil War [Causes of the Civil War]
SIX reasons the Bolsheviks won [Why The Bolsheviks Won The War]
SEVEN events of the Civil War, 1918–1921.
The New Economic Policy [NEP]
How Stalin took power [Stalin Takes Power]
FOUR reasons Stalin introduced Collectivisation [Six Factors Now To Collectivise Kolkhoz]
A timeline of Collectivisation
SIX successes [Quite Modern Government Technology Enriches Collectivisation] and THREE failures [Poor Foolish Kulaks] of Collectivisation
FOUR reasons Stalin introduced the 5-Year Plans
TEN ways the 5-Year Plans industrialised Russia
THREE successes and THREE failures of the 5-Year Plans
Why Stalin started the Purges [Why Unneeded Purges]
FOUR characteristics of Stalin’s Terror [Stalin Takes Total Control]
NINE results of the Terror [Results Of The Terror – Insane Stalin Grabs All Power]

C Culpin, Making History (Collins), Chs 4, 5 and 9
Jane Shuter, Russia and the USSR 1905–1956 (Heinemann)
John Laver, Russia and the USSR 1905–1956 (Hodder)
Phil Ingran, Russia 1905–1991 (Cambridge)
Alan White, Lenin’s Russia (Collins)
Martyn Whittock, Stalin’s Russia (Collins)
Dean Smart, Russia under Lenin and Stalin (Longman)

Source A

The coronation of Nicholas, 1896. It was a bad omen when the Cross of St Andrew fell from his cloak.

Did you Know?
The Okrana was headquartered in the St. Petersburg Ecclesiastical Academy, and was thus linked with the Russian Orthodox Church.

Source B

Events 1917–1941
Russia is ruined by entering World War I.
March 1917
February Revolution; Nicholas abdicates.
Mar–Nov 1917
Provisional Government (Kerensky)
November 1917
October Revolution (Bolsheviks)
Lenin in power
Civil War and War Communism
Kronstadt mutiny and New Economic Policy
Stalin comes to power
Five Year Plans,
Collectivisation and

Source C
The workers have nothing to lose but their chains. Workers of the world, unite!
Karl Marx, The Communist Manifesto ...

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