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History Book Report - Undaunted Courage - Stephen Ambrose Free essay! Download now

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History Book Report - Undaunted Courage - Stephen Ambrose

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History Book Report - Undaunted Courage - Stephen Ambrose essay previewHistory Book Report - Undaunted Courage - Stephen Ambrose essay previewHistory Book Report - Undaunted Courage - Stephen Ambrose essay preview


Early development in America


For my first book review I chose the book by Stephen Ambrose called Undaunted Courage. I have always thought the Louis and Clark expedition was interesting and I wanted to read and learn more about it. For the themes I am choosing are Daily Life and Discovery. I am very interested in learning how they survived day by day. I could not imagine someone traveling across the country now, let alone back then when they had nothing.
After researching about the author I found that Stephen Ambrose is very well rounded. He has done a ton of history biographies. Former president Eisenhower asked Ambrose to be his personal biographer. He has written a lot about World War two and what I found most interesting was that he was the military adviser in the movie Saving Private Ryan and was an executive producer on the television movie series that was based on his book, Band of Brothers. The only thing I found negative was that he was accused of plagiarism a few times, and although he footnoted the information, it was the fact that he didn’t have direct quotes in the book. I don’t think this is a big deal and I still think he is a reliable resource. He died in 2002, and ended with a total of 35 of edited and written books. He once said about writing his books, "In each case I am telling a story—I think of myself as sitting around the campfire after a day on the trail, telling stories that I hope will have the members of the audience, or the readers, leaning forward just a bit, wanting
to know what happens next."

Theme One:
Lewis and Clarks expedition started at the Dubois River and descended down the Ohio River. Lewis began his journals on the day he began the expedition, on August 31, 1803. In the beginning of the trip he stopped writing for a couple months and no one knew why other than he might have been depressed or had severe writers block. As they traveled down river they experience a lot of bad weather. For most of the part they encountered a lot of fog, which kept them ashore. For this reason, Lewis loaded as much pirogue as possible to lighten the load in the boat. As they traveled along they hired many men to help out along the way. As they got lower into the river Lewis said, “the fever and ague and bilious fevers commence their baneful oppression and continue through the whole course of the river ...

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