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teaching standard english in the caribbean classroom Free essay! Download now

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teaching standard english in the caribbean classroom

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teaching standard english in the caribbean classroom essay previewteaching standard english in the caribbean classroom essay previewteaching standard english in the caribbean classroom essay preview


strategies that can be used to teach standard english in schools in the caribbean


Teaching Standard English in a Caribbean classroom can be quite challenging. This is because the linguistic situation in this region is quite unique. The Caribbean Language situation is such that although the official languages are European-based, a Caribbean variety of Creole is the first language of the majority regardless of the language base. A Creole is a distinct linguistic systems or languages that have their own syntax, semantic and other language structures. Creole in the Caribbean has originated as the results of the colonization of the English, Dutch, French, and Spaniards in the West Indies. Amid this, the Standard English has been adopted as the official language of this territory. As a result of the aforementioned, language learning is affected by factors such as the multilingual nature of the region, the psychology of teachers, and students’ perception towards Standard English, motivation, as well as the selection of teaching learning strategies activities.

The multilingual nature of the region is one of the factors that affect the teaching of Standard English in the Caribbean. The Caribbean region is one that is wide, consisting of European languages like Spanish, French, Dutch and English, to new language varieties called Creole languages to the indigenous languages of the first peoples in Belize and Guyana. Some
of the Creole spoken in the Caribbean is ‘patwa’ of Jamaica, Kreol of Haiti and St Lucia, Papiamentu of Curaco, Bonaire and Saba. In addition, Trinidad and Tobago has a Trinidad English Creole and Tobago English Creole. Generally, the majority of the population in the Anglophone Caribbean know Creole best. It is the first language to the majority of students and teachers. Unfortunately, when children start school English is taught to them as if it is their native language rather than a second language. This may be quite confusing for students as the Creole shares the lexicon and many aspects of the structure of English. The philosophy of human rights alleges that students have rights to their own language. In addition many educators advocate that students can actively promote their own acquisition of language and literacy if they are consciously aware of the formal characteristics of their own language, and can contrast these characteristics with those of the target language. Unfortunately most students do not know the formal characteristics of their own language. It is a challenge for teachers to set about the development of this awareness.

Motivating students to learn a foreign language can be a challenge for teachers. This is so because motivation can only develop if it is based on a perception of language contrast and an acceptance by students that English has ...

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