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Should Electronic Books replace Traditional books? Free essay! Download now

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Should Electronic Books replace Traditional books?

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Should Electronic Books replace Traditional books? essay preview


It is about the arguments whether the electronic books are going to replace the traditional books or not.


Should Electronic Books replace Traditional books?

The information technology is developing so fast that great changes have occurred in the way of reading. In recent years, e-books have become more and more popular around the world. Ranging from popular books to classics, almost every masterpiece has been made into e-books. The term ‘Electronic Books’ refers to book-length publication in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both and readable on computers or other electronic devices. And the term ‘Traditional Book’ refers to is a set or collection of written, printed or illustrated on paper and using other various material, usually fastened together to hinge at one side. This essay will argue that the electronic books will replace the traditional books. The reasons for this are the development of technology becoming the whole library in e-reader, convenient to carry around to read and e-books can be preserved for a long time unlike the traditional book.

Firstly, it can be said that technology is developing from time to time and now the e-readers are small and can read almost all kinds of books from online. Finding a book online is making easy for people not to go to the library and find the book to read it. The reader can be easily accessed and it is also user-friendly. Although some argues that the traditional books give them the feeling of leafing through the book and the book can relieve stress unlike the e-books, the easy access to all books from a single device will eventually replace them.

Another thing is that the e-readers are easy to carry around to read anywhere anytime. The traditional books are difficult to carry and are heavy different from the e-books. And these e-books are convenient to read and the cost to read the books are lower than the traditional books as most of the books can be downloaded free from the internet.

Finally, e-books can be kept for a long time until being deleted. Printed books can be damaged for various reasons such as the quality of papers, fire accident and dropping into water. As the books are made from organic materials, it can spoiled by several things.

In conclusion, it can be strongly argued that the electronic books will replace the traditional books. In addition, e-books have many advantages that the traditional books cannot catch up with the e-readers. As the technology is developing very fast, the e-books will be replacing the traditional books a lot faster than anyone thought.

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