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Great Speaking

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This essay is about speaking in public and how one can develop their skills as a public speaker.


Speaking: Going Public
Steve Jobs, Winston Churchill, and Tom Brokaw all have one thing in common, they are great public speakers. Over the past five months Iíve been working on my ability as a public speaker and trying to mold the way I will write and give speeches for the rest of my life. I will take this time now to critique myself as a speaker and a writer as I have now given a number of speeches. Public speaking is a skill everyone needs practice in. It is a skill, that with practice, can become invaluable in getting what you want or need in any environment. In the following paragraphs I will be evaluating my confidence as a speaker along with my strengths and weaknesses as both a speaker and a listener.
One important skill as a public speaker is confidence, because without confidence a speech lacks the necessary motivation behind it to get the points across. Personally I have always considered my level of confidence as healthy, but I have noticed improvement to a degree. Concerning experience, I had some but not nearly enough to be considered a veteran speaker with only the few impromptu award speeches needed at fraternity banquets and the like, or the small speaking role in a community theatre. So as I have gone through and given more speeches and practiced talking to others my feeling of anxiety towards my experience as a speaker has gone down and my confidence has shot up.
My anxiety has always been higher on the day of a speech, but I have noticed the more prepared I feel on a topic, and as the semester has progressed, the performance anxiety I experience has dropped and my introductions have become flowing and smooth. And as pointed out in our Speakerís Guidebook the smooth introduction I find to be easier sets me up for a great speech, letting my points come across in a simple and understandable fashion. During the speech, when my anxiety has been a problem, I find that moving around also helps me build confidence and relaxes me, allowing my speech to flow as it should.
Overall my confidence as a speaker has grown during the semester, some from the experience of giving speeches to an attentive audience, and some form learning to utilize the techniques taught by Dr. Kennerly over the course of the semester.
From this class I intended to improve my ability to speak clearly, look people in the eye while I speak, and make my speeches more precise but with length. As I look back on what my strengths and weaknesses were at the beginning of this semester I can ...

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