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Global Warming, everyone's problem? Free essay! Download now

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Global Warming, everyone's problem?

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Global Warming, everyone\Global Warming, everyone\


Discusses the in and outs of global warming and what we can do to prevent it.


What we know about global warming and what the impacts of global climate change are pointing to, is becoming undeniable fact, the world is getting warmer. The potential impact on agriculture, food supplies, Polar Regions, forests, ecosystems, and biodiversity are devastating. Scientists the world over are no longer speculating on whether global warming exists, but are now trying to figure out the exact causes and what can be done to slow it down or reverse it.
In our text it says that “Over the last century global temperature has climbed by 0.6C or 1Farenheit”. This may not seem like much, but it is a serious change in climate, that is only going to get worse as the world continues to put out record greenhouse emissions. One of the main impacts is on agriculture. Growing of crops that support the world food system will be serious. Although plants thrive on CO2, if this warming trend continues farmers will see a larger yields in crops in worldwide. “For example, warmer temperatures in India are predicted to cause crop losses of 7-10%, but the higher CO2 levels are expected to increase crop productivity by 10-20%.” This sounds like good news, even though the world will get warmer, crops will increase, good news right? Wrong, even though productivity is increased, the “grain crop plants the total seed weight-and therefore food yield- increased up to 25% with a doubling of CO2concentration, but in all species except legumes the nutritional value of those plants fell”, meaning we are left with more crops with less nutritional value, thus we will see a decline in food production in the end. Global warming will leave us all hungry.
The delicate balance of our polar regions on our planet are very sensitive to global warming. “Arctic impacts will have implications for biodiversity around the world because migratory species depend on breeding and feeding grounds in the Arctic.” This fact alone is alarming but the rate at which the ice caps are melting is another fact that cannot be ignored. Polar bears are have to cross 160 miles of ocean to get to the ice flows where they hunt seals for food, many are drowning or starving before they can make it. Although there has not been a significant change in Antarctica's sea-ice according to “Satellite observations show no significant change in Antarctic sea-ice extent over the 1973-2005 period.”, there has been a significant reduction in ice shelves, but they are already floating and do not add to the rise of the sea level. Global warming threatens all of our polar regions.
If water ...

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